Take Your Leftover Halloween Candy And Make A Sweet Coffee Drink

Halloween season is upon us, which means there will soon be lots and lots of candy, and probably some leftover sweet treats. There are a million things you could make using leftover Halloween candy — turn it into an ingredient for a delicious cake, top your ice cream with broken-up pieces, or make yourself some warm hot chocolate or a creamy chocolate dip by melting it all down. There really is no limit to how creative you could get.

You can even enjoy leftover candy for breakfast — simply add it to your coffee! If you're on TikTok, you might have seen popular videos of people melting bars of chocolate into their coffee or espresso. This works for Halloween fun sizes, too; just pick a chocolate bar of your choice from your candy stash. If you want to do it the TikTok way, balance the bar on the top of your mug or drinking glass and let the espresso machine or Keurig take care of the rest. As warm coffee pours onto the chocolate bar, the heat will eventually make it break and fall apart into the mug where it will blend with the java in the most satisfying way. It will taste just as good as it looks.

Get creative with your chocolate coffee recipes

Any candy that can easily melt works for this sweet coffee trick. If you have tons of Twix, Hersheys, KitKats, or Snickers, any of those will do the trick. And whether it's dark chocolate or white chocolate ... either are tasty options. The type of coffee and preparation can also be varied to last you throughout the fall season: Make a chocolate pumpkin spice latte, chocolate affogato, or a chocolate almond iced coffee with some Almond Joys, for example.

Another way for adults to have more fun with this chocolate coffee experience is by incorporating alcohol into it. Add some melted chocolate into an espresso martini, or make an Irish coffee cocktail with the melted goodness. Prepare the drink the same way (placing the chocolate bar over a mug and letting the espresso or coffee pour over it); when it's ready, then pour in the vodka or Bailey's. Talk about a fun trick that turns into a delicious treat!