TikTok Loves Roasting McDonald's Comically Small Happy Meal Fries

If you're in the mood for a box of chicken nuggets with a side of nostalgia, a famous McDonald's Happy Meal is sure to do the trick. However, hitting the drive-thru to secure yourself the iconic combo today won't look exactly as it did during your childhood. Don't worry, they still throw in a toy, but nowadays, Happy Meals contain apple slices and a drastically downsized french fry. Back in 2011, McDonald's announced they would be changing the size of their Happy Meal fries from 2.4 ounces to 1.1 ounces. By reducing the size of the fries by over half of its original packaging, the company opted to offer apple slices as a healthier option. While the sentiment behind this healthy initiative is admirable, the results of the new french fry containers are seriously comical.


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One TikToker recently discovered the change in fry size, asking followers, "What is this?" while holding up a container of fries no bigger than their hand. A disappointed TikToker shared their own Happy Meal experience in the comments, saying, "The last time I got a Happy Meal, it came with a paper container and only 5 fries." The comments are flooded with surprised adults poking fun at the comically small french fry, reminiscing about the Happy Meals of their childhood, as well as some hacks for securing a larger order of fries. One user shared, "That's why you get two fries instead of one and apples or whatever. Then you get a regular small."

McDonald's is trying to give kids healthier choices

McDonald's has experienced its fair share of backlash for being "unhealthy," especially in the past few decades, as food and nutrition continues to be a hot topic of discussion. For a majority of Americans, McDonald's continues to be a popular fast food option, because of their consistent quality and reasonable prices. After all, a large family can easily feed all members of their household, including picky kids, without breaking the bank. 

While a cheeseburger and fries isn't always the healthiest option for growing young ones, not all consumers can afford top tier organic, health conscious groceries. The Harvard School of Public Health found that fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as more health conscious pre-packaged meals ,are consistently more expensive, making it less achievable for low-income families to access nutrient rich meals. Working parents also have less time to prepare meals, so a fast food option is an easy alternative that saves time and energy after a long shift. Still, healthy options are a priority for many concerned parents, and McDonald's did their best to listen.

In addition to reducing the size of their french fries, the company once shared that they were considering healthy options like carrot sticks, raisins, and pineapple spears, before ultimately deciding on apple slices that can still be found today. McDonald's also promised to be more conscious of how they are marketing their foods to children, with a focus on the exciting, healthy additions to their Happy Meals.