Shark Tank Kitchen Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon

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If you've ever found yourself glued to the TV screen, watching entrepreneurs pitch their products to a panel of seasoned investors on "Shark Tank," you're not alone. The show has become a showcase of creativity, ingenuity, and often, a healthy dose of nerve. When it comes to kitchen gadgets, some of the most ingenious and game-changing ideas have emerged from the pressure cooker that is the "Shark Tank." And, thanks to the wonders of online shopping, many of the products that have piqued the sharks' interests are now just a click away on Amazon.

From gadgets that promise to revolutionize your meal prep to others that aim to make your time in the kitchen a breeze, these "Shark Tank" gems have proven their worth in the Tank. We'll look beyond the flashy presentations and delve into the practicality, functionality, and user experiences these gadgets offer. So, if you've ever wondered whether those enticing kitchen gadgets from "Shark Tank" are worth the investment, here are the hidden gems that could truly transform the way you cook and eat.

Souper Cubes

You can save yourself time in the kitchen by making extra batches of recipes such as soups and stews and freezing them for those nights when you don't want to cook. However, finding a container of the perfect size can be a pain. Either you end up using containers that are too large, taking up precious freezer real estate with empty space, or you go too small and are left hungry when you heat up your meal.

Enter the "Shark Tank" solution that is Souper Cubes. These are effectively just extra-large silicone ice cube trays. The one-cup size and the two-cup size are most handy for freezing individual portions of recipes, but there are also other size options available. While, as the name suggests, they're great for soup, you can use them to freeze all kinds of things. You can freeze raw ingredients ready to make meals out of, leftover broth and stock, or sauces to add to pasta or top proteins. Since they're made from silicone, they're oven-safe and can double as pans for mini loaves. Food releases easily, and they have a metal frame so they don't sag when you move them to the freezer. Thanks to the lids, they don't absorb freezer odor and they stack easily to save space.

The founders' "Shark Tank" pitch was successful enough that they got offers from three sharks — Lori Greiner, Kevin O'Leary, and Barbara Cocoran — but they ultimately made a deal with Greiner.


Tongs are useful for a wide range of cooking tasks, from tossing salads to flipping burgers on the grill. But sometimes the right set of tongs for one job doesn't work well for others. Anytongs are essentially the hinge end of tongs. They have grooves into which you fit your own eating utensils to customize your own tongs with forks, spoons, or one of each.

Not only does this mean they're fit for any task you can throw at them, but you can switch out the utensils to get clean tongs without washing them. This is great for avoiding cross-contamination when using them for raw meat or when grilling for both meat-eaters and vegetarians, for instance. Appearing on "Shark Tank" in January 2023, the makers of Anytongs managed to secure funding from Daymond John. With a successful "Shark Tank" pitch under the company's belt, you can find these handy tongs on Amazon.

Scrub Daddy

If you haven't heard of Scrub Daddy yet, you're probably already intrigued by the name — and that's part of its success. It's not just the product but its marketability that bagged Scrub Daddy founder Aaron Krause a successful "Shark Tank" deal with Lori Greiner. And it was all up from there — within four years, the company had sold 25 million sponges, and Scrub Daddy has since been named the most successful "Shark Tank" product of all time.

But what exactly is a Scrub Daddy and what can it do for you? Effectively, it's just a kitchen sponge — but it's more handy than your average one. The Scrub Daddy is made from a proprietary material called FlexTexture, which becomes soft and pliable in warm water and firm in cold water. This distinctive feature allows it to adapt to different cleaning tasks. In warm water, the sponge becomes more gentle, making it suitable for delicate surfaces like glassware, countertops, and non-stick cookware. When it is used with cold water, it becomes firmer, which is great for tackling tougher messes like baked-on grime and sticky residue.

The Scrub Daddy also has a smiley face design with eyes and a mouth. The mouth can be used to clean both sides of utensils like spoons and forks simultaneously, and the eyes can assist in cleaning the tines of forks. This design not only adds a playful touch but also enhances the functionality of the sponge.


There's no denying it, fried food is delicious. But frying food at home is not without its challenges. One of the most annoying is oil splatter. Imagine the sizzle of food hitting a hot pan, followed by that all-too-familiar, frustrating pop as tiny droplets of oil decide to stage their escape from the confines of the pan. The result? Oil all over your cooktop and backsplash that someone is going to have to clean up.

One "Shark Tank" invention is here to solve that problem. The Frywall is a silicone collar for your pan that keeps oil splashes safely inside, meaning less mess and less likelihood of scalding yourself. Imagine the cones that pets get sent home from the veterinarian's office with and you're on your way to picturing the Frywall. The Frywall's inventor managed to get a successful investment from Lori Greiner on season 9 of "Shark Tank." This has clearly panned out — no pun intended — because you can buy it on Amazon.


Rubber spatulas — those trusty utensils that promise to be your culinary comrades, scraping every last bit of batter from the bowl or ensuring that no dollop of sauce goes to waste. But for all their good intentions, these spatulas often bring with them a frustrating flaw. They don't always reach where you want them to.

The Spatty is a tiny rubber spatula that can get almost anywhere, in all kinds of containers and in every nook and cranny. Although this mini spatula was originally conceived as a tool for getting makeup out of containers, it's food-safe and great for food, too. It's especially good for bottles and small jars that have no hope of fitting a regular spatula inside them.

When the Spatty was featured on "Shark Tank," it didn't receive an offer. It wasn't because the sharks didn't like the idea, but because it was just a prototype at that stage. However, inventor Cheryl Rigdon managed to get the product off the ground. It's now available on Amazon and has great reviews.

Safe Grabs

Safe Grabs are multipurpose silicone mats that solve a range of kitchen issues — including some you might not have even known you had. At first glance, they look just like placemats or trivets for putting down hot pans on tables and counters, but they're so much more. They also act as pot holders, bowl covers to stop splatter in the microwave, and microwave mats that you can put under dishes on the microwave turntable and then use to pick up the dishes when they're done cooking. That's not all — you can also use them as gripper pads to open jars, and pot protectors when stacking pans in your cupboards. What can't these little mats do?

The sharks certainly saw the benefit of this handy product because its inventor Cyndi Lee got a deal with Lori Greiner back in the show's 8th season. Safe Grabs are available on Amazon in packs of one 10-inch mat and one 12-inch mat.


You've made yourself the perfect sub for a picnic or a day on the water, only to reach into your cooler and find it ruined by water from melted ice. This happened to SubSafe inventor Adam Haller one too many times before he decided to do something about it and came up with the SubSafe. This sub sandwich container comes with two lids, one to fit a 6-inch sib and one to fit a 12-inch sub. The pieces screw together tightly to protect your sandwich from potential water damage in a cooler.

Although this is the intended purpose, it would also keep your sandwich from getting crushed in a bag or lunchbox, so even if there's no chance of a soggy sub, it has a practical purpose. It was featured on season 10 of "Shark Tank" and ended up with an investment from both Mark Cuban and Charles Barkley. Things must have gone smoothly because you can buy the SubSafe on Amazon today.

Ice Shaker

The Ice Shaker is one you can take from your kitchen to the gym or wherever else you like to consume your protein shakes. If you're someone who consumes protein shakes, you're probably well-acquainted with shaker bottles used to mix them. They're usually made from cheap plastic, aren't insulated, and end up smelling funky after a few months. That's why fullback Chris Gronkowski invented the Ice Shaker.

This updated take on a shaker bottle is made from food-grade stainless steel that's easy to clean and doesn't absorb odors. It's vacuum insulated, so it doesn't sweat and it keeps shakes cool for up to 30 hours. It's a great choice if you like to sip your protein shake slowly and want it to stay cold. Of course, you can use it for other drinks too. As a result of appearing on season 9 of "Shark Tank," the entrepreneur behind the Ice Shaker nabbed a deal with Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez. That's a happy ending for Gronkowski and for anyone who's sick of subpar shaker bottles.

Snactiv Lite

Snactive Lite is billed as the snacking tool of the future, but what does this mean? Well, let's first imagine a scenario where you're playing video games or a board game with friends while also wanting to snack. You grab a handful of chips and now your fingers are covered in seasoning. You're left with the option of getting your controller or game pieces dirty, wiping your hand on your pants, or stopping what you're doing to get a napkin. None of these options seem too appealing.

But the Snactiv is something like a pair of chopsticks that fits between your fingers. You can wear it while engaging in whatever activity you're doing and use it to snack when you feel like it, without having to stop or risk getting greasy crumbs everywhere. This cool tool appeared on season 13 of "Shark Tank," where the minds behind it — Kevin Choi and Edwin Cho — got an investment from Kevin Hart and Lori Greiner to take Snactiv to the next level. Now you can enjoy your favorite snacks no matter what you're doing. 


This invention is for drinking vessels but it goes well beyond the kitchen and into bars and clubs. The Nightcap is a scrunchie that doubles as a drink cover to help keep users safe from spiking on nights out. You can wear it in your hair or around your wrist so it's ready when you need it. However, beyond this, it doubles as a useful drink cover to keep anything unwanted out of your drink. Sick of flies or leaves getting in your drinks while you're in the yard? Or worried about the thought of a spider crawling into your drinking water at night? The Nightcap has you covered.

It was invented by Shirah Benarde and developed with the help of her brother Michael. Shirah made her own version of this for nights out by attaching pantyhose to a scrunchie. Her brother saw the potential in this and aided her in developing it into a marketable product to help others feel safer on nights out. While it shouldn't be the job of potential victims to keep their drinks from being spiked, we live in a flawed world and this gadget could keep people from getting hurt. This invention appeared on season 12 of "Shark Tank" and left with an offer from Lori Greiner.

Touch Up Cup Donut Keeper

You buy a dozen or half a dozen doughnuts hoping to savor them over the course of a few days. On the first day, they're soft, fresh, and delicious, but by the next morning, they're already disappointingly stale. That's where the Touch Up Cup Donut Keeper comes into play. This airtight, waterproof container is designed to keep doughnuts fresh for days. Each container is perfectly shaped and sized to hold six standard doughnuts. They come in packs of one or two.

The Touch Up Cup Donut Keeper itself wasn't featured on "Shark Tank," but rather the original Touch Up Cup. This was an airtight container for paint to keep it from drying out. The original invention got an investment and the entrepreneurs used the same technology to come up with other airtight containers, such as this one to keep doughnuts fresh. While you won't have seen this exact invention on "Shark Tank," you might have witnessed its origin story in season 12.

Rapid Ramen Cooker

Instant ramen is known for being a quick and easy dinner option. But, sometimes even cooking it in a pan on the stove and having to clean that pan afterward seems like too much of an ordeal. Luckily, Chris Johnson invented the Rapid Ramen Cooker to make the process — and your dinnertime — even easier. You see, this handy little invention is great for dorm rooms, offices, small kitchens, or when you're just feeling lazy about cooking. It's a special dish into which you put your ramen noodles and seasonings and fill it with water to the line. Then, you just put it in the microwave for 3 minutes and you get perfect ramen every time.

It has stay-cool handles to easily get it out of the microwave and you can even eat your ramen directly out of the container, so you have fewer dishes to deal with when you're done. The sharks clearly thought there was a market for making ramen even easier because this invention got an investment from Mark Cuban on season 5 of "Shark Tank." It's still going strong and has more than 24,000 Amazon reviews, so we can safely say this ramen cooker was a hit.


Your favorite sauce is down to the dregs and you have to decide between wrestling with it to get the saucy goodness out and just throwing it in the trash, letting it go to waste. But with Flip-It! you don't have to. This universal bottle-emptying fit consists of an adaptor and a lid with a tripod base to steady it. This means you can store even the most awkwardly shaped bottles upside down to get the last of their contents out more easily. Flip-It! is designed for all kinds of bottles, but it works perfectly with sauce bottles, which is why we think it deserves a place with kitchen gadgets.

Worried that it won't fit your bottle? Well, each kit comes with three adaptors of differing sizes and a tripod stand, so it fits almost any kind you can throw at it. This gadget showed up in season 10 of "Shark Tank," with its investor Steven Epstein hoping to some extra funds. He ultimately didn't receive an investment, but that didn't stop him. The Flip-It! is still available on Amazon, so you don't have to miss out.