Fried Cake Makes Your Kitchen Feel Like The State Fair Year-Round

The sights and smells of fair food are pretty unforgettable. From blooming onions to fried dough — aka funnel cake — you're probably very familiar with those deep-fried and delicious eats, provided you've visited a state fair before. These annual events often have lots of fried foods. One food that may not be on the state fair menu, though — but is just as mouthwatering — is fried cake.

Fried cake is exactly what it appears to be; cake that is battered and deep-fried. It sounds ridiculous — why take a perfectly good cake and deep-fry it? Well, if your state's fair has come and gone and you're missing the smells and tastes that it evokes, fried cake could be the perfect way to enjoy those flavors from the comfort of your own home. (And, if you don't like traditional cake and would hate it even more if it were deep-fried, there are so many other foods that are better when fried, like fried cheesecake or fried pound cake.)

How (and why) is fried cake made?

At this point, you must be wondering how you can make your own fried cake. Users on TikTok are creating many different variations of the treat that you can try out, or you can always experiment on your own. TikTok baker and self-proclaimed lover of desserts @ashbaber shows how they took their incredible chocolate Oreo layered cake creation and deep-fried it.


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They first slice the sheet cake into rectangles and then cut these big pieces into smaller chunks. The cake chunks are then wrapped in plastic and placed in the freezer while Ash makes the batter for deep-frying. They use pancake batter to coat the frozen cake pieces, and the final step is frying them in oil. The result, according to the content creator, tastes better than it looks.

So, why again are people doing this to their cakes? In their video, the TikToker pokes fun and asks, "Why not?" But deep frying your cake could also be a good way to put a new spin on leftover sheet cake or revive stale cake that you may have lying around.