Potato Chip Soup Is The Faux TikTok Trend That Really Shouldn't Exist

When it comes to comfort foods, potato soup belongs in the upper echelon. It's simple, filling, and absolutely delicious. You know what's not all of those things? The potato chip soup videos that are making the rounds on TikTok. It's definitely one of the best worst TikTok food trends we've seen. 

The faux potato chip soup trend seems to have started with user @officialkosmickarma, who combines crushed potato chips (they've taken their anger out on them) with microwaved gravy, a dish they enjoy because they've "been pregnant for 25 years." User @sweatydee simplifies the recipe even more by simply stirring potato chips in a cold soup pan. "At least it's not soggy," quips one commenter. 

TikTok creator @the_gooch blurs the line by making a soup creation he claims is no joke. His chip soup is made with a whole bag of potato chips, a stick of butter, curdled milk, and a whole lot of Velveeta, a recipe that leaves netizens disgusted, amused, or simply confused. "How long did we all watch this before we went to the comments to find out he was messing with us?" asked one, to which the creator replied, "Not messing with anyone, it's actually quite tasty." Another commented, "Did you say this was called 'Heart Attack Soup?'" "Everybody so creative," another user sarcastically remarked. When a commenter called it an American "delicacy," the creator agreed that it should be a staple in every house.

The internet is mostly disgusted

The trend might be a joke, but some people couldn't quite stomach it. However, as bizarre as the recipe is, a few netizens were eager to try the Velveeta-laden version. "Think I would do some things differently, but I like the basic idea of it. Going to try this one for sure," one wrote. "I'm [going to] do this, but with ranch powder, potatoes, and real cheese. Hope it turns out as good as this looks because it does look good!" another user wrote, somewhat defeating the notion of actually creating a soup from potato chips. 


Potato 🥔 Chip Soup 🍲

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Now, It's not like people don't use potato chips in recipes — some use them as a thickener for their baked potato soups, crush them and sprinkle them on their salads, make savory cookies out of them, and or use them to top casseroles. If we're being honest, taste-wise, the recipe wouldn't be so bad since potato chips are generally delicious, and the milk, cheese, and butter would only amplify the umami of potato chip soup. But does that mean the trend should exist? We don't think so, and most of the internet agrees.