Aldi, At Long Last, Is Unveiling Its New Website

Aldi's website has long been touted as an inconvenience. It's difficult to navigate, impossible to shop online, and when you finally locate the product you want, there aren't any prices listed. This changes now, as a new version of the grocery store's website is freshly online, and many of the previous kinks have been worked out.

Aldi first announced its plans to rejuvenate its website in October 2022. The discount market teamed up with Spryker Systems – a commerce platform centered around innovation. In the beginning, the website was in beta mode, only available to a select number of shoppers. At the time, Spryker CEO Boris Lokschin revealed the rollout would occur in a "phased approach."

"The website is coming. As soon as we can get it here, we're going to have it here," Aldi's vice president of buying Scott Patton told Supermarket News. "And it will be a shoppable website, with prices, products — all of the things that consumers want." Now, it's finally here, and shoppers are in the midst of learning what's new.

What's new with the Aldi's website?

In addition to being much more user-friendly, Aldi's website now allows shoppers to bypass Instacart and other delivery apps, instead ordering groceries directly from the store to their home or for curbside pickup. Delivery is currently available from more than 95% of Aldi's stores across the U.S. This new feature fulfills Spryker CEO Boris Lokschin's earlier promise to provide a "seamless and simple shopping experience."

Many question marks have also been eliminated — customers can now see each item's price and view an array of photos and details about each product. This makes it possible to view nutrition and allergy information before making a purchase, though some items currently have more details than others. It's also sortable, and there's even a search bar, which will surely help shoppers determine the best and worst foods to buy at Aldi.

The new Aldi website is finally propelling the supermarket into the 21st century. With shop-ability, more information, and an easier navigation system, Aldi will now be able to compete with its competition at a larger (and more digital) scale than ever before.