TikTokers Are So Wild Restaurants Are Hiring Bouncers

Could you one day need to bypass a bouncer in order to eat at your favorite restaurant, even if it's not at a club or bar? This possibility is becoming a very stark reality at trending eateries these days as owners deal with the dark side of success — namely, their restaurants blowing up on TikTok. The social media platform appeals to people's fear of missing out, triggering a mass migration to hot spots that online influencers deem that be hip enough (or whatever the kids say these days). 

Unfortunately, the staff at some of these locations are unable to deal with the increased demands from all the visitors trying to be a part of the hype. Take Folderol, an ice cream shop and wine bar in Paris, for instance. The shop ended up hiring a bouncer in order to deal with the extreme crowds that formed outside. The increased attention due to the social media app prevented regular customers from enjoying the establishment and even led to calls to the police due to the crowd, according to the New York Times. They also ended up putting a "no TikTok" sign in an attempt to persuade influencers from visiting. 

However, Folderol appears to be far from the only case. As food establishments reckon with large-scale digital popularity, will this be the new norm?

Bouncers keep customers in line

While it's unlikely that all viral eateries will one day have a bouncer, some restaurants have found the role necessary. Take Katz's Deli in New York City, for instance. The famed restaurant has a long, storied history in the city and will forever remain part of pop culture due to "When Harry Met Sally." This has made Katz's very popular, and demand for the institution has surely only increased thanks to viral posts about its pastrami sandwiches on platforms like TikTok. So, it too, has opted to hire bouncers to deal with its crowd. (It's actually had them since at least 2015.)

While this may seem like an extreme measure, bouncers help keep things organized and can prevent a line from quickly turning into a mob. In addition to checking IDs, the role of a bouncer is to ensure the safety of all in the building, which is why establishments like bars and events like concerts often use them. The fact that restaurants are turning to bouncers may grab the headlines, but it's just part of a wider narrative on how social media is affecting the food that we consume. Restaurants are increasingly catering to the flashy dishes that will draw in a crowd from miles around. However, the bouncers are proof that fame and popularity come with a price, and not all eating establishments want to be the next viral sensation.