Max The Meat Guy's Top Tips For Buying Steak At The Supermarket - Exclusive

If you're a fan of Max Greb, aka Max the Meat Guy, who makes social content on platforms like TikTok where he films himself breaking down and preparing some seriously impressive cuts of meat, you might assume that Greb rarely makes his way to the average supermarket meat aisle. After all, how often do you find things like beef ribs so big you'd think they came from a dinosaur in your local big-box store? Not often.

However, if you want to really lean into your own inner "meat guy," the supermarket is exactly where Greb recommends you head, and he has some tips for picking out the best steak possible at your supermarket of choice. In a recent exclusive interview with Mashed, Greb said, "Any time you're buying a steak, my No. 1 tip is to look for great marbling. You can find great deals at most supermarkets, but most importantly, look for steaks that have that intramuscular fat. It's going to look like those little white flecks within the red meat. Find yourself a good steak with good marbling."

Look out for supermarket deals, too

If you're not shopping for steak in particular, but more so just scoping out what kinds of meats and cuts you can find at your nearest supermarket, Greb said to keep an eye out for amazing deals, too — particularly around the holidays. He told us, "Sometimes you can find incredible stuff at huge discounts. Especially as we get closer to the holidays, you'll find prime ribs that are literally 50% to 60% to 70% off because they're going through so many. Keep an eye open for sales, and if you do find something like a rib roast at a huge discount, be sure to pick that up. You can always throw it in your freezer."

Additionally, Greb recommended checking out the meat situation at multiple supermarkets in your area to see which ones offer the best deals. He also advises getting to know the butchers while you're at it.

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