Holly Riddle

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Adirondacks, NY
University Of Kentucky
Food, Travel, Lifestyle
  • Holly Riddle has been freelancing in the food and lifestyle industry since 2015 and has grown her client base to include an array of top publications that reach millions of people.
  • Holly Riddle has additional experience working on staff as a managing editor and director of content at magazines, online publications, and PR and marketing firms.
  • Holly Riddle has worked with many major clients to develop content, both marketing and otherwise, including recognizable names such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Chase Visa, and others.


Holly Riddle is a professional freelancer specializing in food and lifestyle writing. She has been freelancing since 2015 and has grown her client base to include an array of top publications (some of the most recognizable being Golf Magazine, AccuWeather, Hotels.com and Mashed). In addition to credited work as a journalist, she ghostwrites for influencers, C-suite individuals and founders; ghostwritten work appears regularly on sites such as Forbes, Bloomberg, The Points Guy and TripAdvisor. Holly Riddle also has extensive experience in content marketing and SEO, and frequently creates related campaigns for a range of well-known brands (such as Kraft, the U.S. Virgin Islands Government, Penn State and others).


Holly Riddle received a BA in English, with a focus on creative writing, from the University of Kentucky in 2014, graduating with honors.
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