Eating Tinned Fish? Let Your Wine Pairing Do The Heavy Lifting

Tinned fish has been having a moment on TikTok and for good reason. Canned fish can be as nutritious as fresh fish, and it's as versatile as it is inexpensive. Even so, when we think of tinned fish, many of us can't get past the idea of a simple tuna fish sandwich or sardines for a pizza topping. In reality, though, tinned fish can make for a fancier meal than a lot of us imagine.

What's the best way to make a food feel upgraded and indulgent? Pair it with the perfect wine, of course. We consulted an expert to help us determine the ideal tinned fish and wine pairing, and it's going to take your idea of what tinned fish can do to the next level. Troy Bowen is a sommelier and the co-owner of Denver's Noble Riot. Suffice it to say, he knows a thing or two about wine pairings. When it comes to deciding what to sip alongside your tinned fish, you're going to need a bottle of Lambrusco.

Tinned fish and Lambrusco is the pair you didn't know you needed

Troy Bowen told us that when it comes to tinned fish, one option rises above the rest — a sparkling red wine. 

"There are few food items that just cry out for high-acid wines the way tinned fish does," Bowen explained. "The rich fish is powerful enough that most often you can pick simple whites to do the job, like Sauvignon Blanc or Muscadet." If you're a white wine fan, these options are winners. Still, according to Bowen, they aren't the most perfect companion for tinned fish out there. A pairing like that "would make the fish do all the work and I feel like they've done enough already, crammed together as they are," he joked. Instead, Bowen advised, "Find a dry, deep red Lambrusco and get ready for your tongue to smile. 

"Lambruscos are most often sparkling red wines made in the same region that balsamic vinegar comes from and many of the good versions of these wines have intricate and lofty balsamic notes to them," he continued. "So, you get the sensation of the rich, red wine but lifted by the bubbles. Richness and refreshment aren't a combination you find much in wine or people, so trust me, take on this adventure and you won't be sorry." If you're ready to add more tinned fish to your life, then grab a glass of Lambrusco, and get ready to say "cheers."