Do Guy Fieri's Frozen Dinners Take You To Flavortown? TikTok Isn't Sure

Despite Guy Fieri's penchant for intense flavor profiles and high-quality meals, his latest venture into the realm of frozen dinners leaves a lot to be desired — that is, according to a number of TikTok users who have been taste-testing the food mogul's frozen meals on the platform, often finding them to be lacking in flavor, low on ingredients, and not as filling as they'd like for the asking price.

The frozen dinners clock in at just under $6 each in most markets, and they come in a variety of four different meals: sloppy Joe mac and cheese, sweet and sour pork bowl, pepperoni pizza lasagna, and chicken enchilada bowl — a smorgasbord that seemingly offers something for everyone, no matter your culinary tastes. While any microwavable meal is bound to catch a few negative reviews due to the nature of microwave cooking – which can often leave an excess of moisture behind, making the dish soggy — these Flavortown meals all leave a great deal of room more for improvement than usual.

The issues with Guy Fieri's frozen dinners are hard to overcome

Despite their sudden popularity, the Guy Fieri frozen meals don't seem to be leaving a positive impression on most consumers. One TikToker complained about a lack of beef in the sloppy Joe mac and cheese meal as well as issues with the sweet and sour pork bowl (calling the pineapples "complete junk"), though they did praise the rice and shared, "The best part about this is the sauce." That same user, however, found the pepperoni pizza lasagna too greasy. They weren't alone in their mostly negative reaction, either.


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Another user shared a great deal of excitement for the Guy Fieri meals, saying they expected the meals to outclass the Gordon Ramsay frozen meals, which have been a major craze across the platform in recent weeks — a claim that the user quickly regretted. After trying just one bite, the TikToker spit their mouthful of the sweet and sour pork bowl into the trash in disgust.

The Flavortown meal that seems to be attracting the most fanfare is the cheesy chicken enchilada bowl, which some TikTokers find to be the only meal in the lineup worth recommending, though others say even that isn't worth the $6.