Burger King's New Paw Patrol Toys Basically Force Parents To Take Their Kids There

Though toys were first introduced in fast food combos back in 1979 when McDonald's first started selling Happy Meals, the trend continues to be a staple for most fast food aficionados. However, these days, most brands offer toys as part of an official tie-in to popular pop culture such as a video game or blockbuster film — like "Paw Patrol."

Ahead of the premiere of the upcoming "PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie," which is set to premiere in theaters on September 29, Burger King has announced via a press release that "Paw Patrol" toys will be available at participating locations. If you have any young people in your life, you no doubt already see the significance of this corporate collaboration, as the series is currently extremely popular with children between the ages of one and six. With the "Paw Patrol" toys already available in Burger King locations across the country, parents can expect to hear plenty of begging from their preschool-aged children demanding a King Jr. meal in the coming days.

What kind of Paw Patrol toys are being offered?

During their announcement, Burger King's marketing team specified that six exclusive collectibles would be available while supplies last, with each toy utilizing a "distinct interactive element" centering around one of the Paw Patrol's esteemed first responders. The Rocky and Marshall toys utilize light-up techniques, with Rocky serving as a wearable toy with a light-up crystal, while Marshall holds a light that requires powering up via a small switch.

Liberty and Skye each have flying toys, allowing Liberty to blast into the air on a spring-loaded launcher, while Skye utilizes a propeller to launch up to 5 feet in the air. Chase, the series' German Shepherd police dog, has the ability to run at exceptional speed, by pulling the toy back and releasing, similar to old matchbox cars. Finally, Rubble, the English bulldog, has the power to spin in circles when shot out of the attached launcher device.

Luckily, parents who are being dragged to local Burger King establishments to collect all six of the "Paw Patrol" toys will likely find some solace in the brand's other promotion, which is available until October 15. Members of the BK loyalty program are entitled to a free King Jr. meal and a $10 Fandango credit to see "The Mighty Movie" in theaters after purchasing $15 worth of food through Burger King's official app.