Cake Push Pops Are The Perfect Addition To Any Dessert Board

Food boards and grazing tables are meant to enhance the esthetics of parties and gatherings, and one way to beautify a dessert board is with cake push pops. While regular cake is perfectly suitable for a dessert board, push pops add a unique flare to these sweet lineups. These treats combine small layers of cake with icing and other toppings, then shove all the ingredients into a plastic tube. The bottom of the tube allows the person eating this to push it upward, releasing a little cake and frosting at a time. Much like ice cream push pops, cake push pops make eating this dessert more fun. That's not the only benefit, either.

In addition to offering a more interesting eating experience, cake push pops enable you to save some of your dessert for later. Unlike their ice cream counterparts, these desserts won't melt. They travel easily and often come with a lid. As such, party guests can bring these push pops home or eat them on the go. They also look great among a spread of other desserts.

Getting cake push pops for your dessert board

Some bakeries and stores sell cake push pops, so anyone hoping to spruce up their dessert board can purchase them premade. Williams Sonoma sells them already put together, and the store also offers a kit to make them yourself. Individual bakeries sometimes sell these as well, though the surest way to find the cake push pops you're looking for is to make them at home.

Cake push pops may be the ideal treat for a dessert board, but they require more effort than throwing together a store-bought cake mix. If you're assembling them at home, you'll still need the cake mix or a cake batter recipe. The same goes for the frosting, which can come from a store-bought container or be whipped up at home. But it's possible to go in a different direction and ditch the frosting. For instance, the Coke float push pop has whipped cream between layers of Coca-Cola cake. You can also add layers of sprinkles, fruit, or other toppings — and you can embellish the top with those as well. 

You'll also need the right supplies to turn your cake into a push pop. These include a rounded cookie cutter, a piping bag, and plastic push pop containers. You can swap the cookie cutter for a small muffin pan, or you can forego both and use the containers themselves to shape your cake by pressing down on it.