The Grocery Store Bread With A Seedy Reputation

If you've ever perused the bakery offerings at Whole Foods Market you might have happened upon a bread with a peculiar name that has raised more than a few eyebrows over the years. It's called Seeduction bread, a play on the fact that it both literally features poppy, sesame, pumpkin, and millet seeds atop a golden brown crusty bread and that it is so packed with flavor that it will entice shoppers to come back for more. Who could resist Seeduction bread?

As one would expect, the provocative name has garnered attention. Whole Foods refers to it as a "cult favorite" in their bakery department. Although interestingly enough, according to Whole Foods employees sharing their experiences on Reddit, customers who ask about it can't seem to recall its moniker correctly, they just know it sounds sensuous. One patron inquired about the "ecstasy bread" while another requested where they could find the "sex bread." Other funny misnomers overheard have included seedy bread, seedalicious, sensation, and sedation.

Not as seedy anymore?

But Seeduction isn't just about the tempting name, which people can't seem to remember anyway. One Whole Foods employee on the eponymous subreddit admitted they, too, sometimes forget its name and refer to it as "passion bread." Throughout the years, Whole Foods shoppers who have sampled Seeduction bread have raved about the subtle sweet and salty flavor combination between the multiple varieties of seeds and the touch of sweetness from the organic honey and molasses included in Whole Foods' bakery breads.

While it still has its fans, more recent Amazon reviews of the bread have been mixed. Some have described it as addictive — the word seductive was even thrown around — as it has drawn praise for its great flavor and texture. But others have complained that the original recipe has been modified from dark bread to a whiter bread and the loaves contain fewer of those alluring seeds that define it. Even if Seeduction bread is allegedly not as seedy as it used to be, the name alone will always be good for a laugh — if you could only remember what it is called.