Baskin-Robbins' New Ice Cream Packs An Apple Cider Donut In Every Scoop

With the arrival of autumn, we get excited about all the delicious foods and drinks that begin to make their annual appearances. For many people, apple cider-anything is the best way to celebrate cool temperatures and falling leaves. While some prefer to drink their apple cider, others think the best way to enjoy the sweet, spiced flavor is in a donut sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Baskin-Robbins doesn't think you should have to choose, but instead, enjoy both in its new Apple Cider Donut ice cream.

In a press release, the company announced its newest October Flavor of the Month — sweet apple cider ice cream with small pieces of apple cider donut and cinnamon sugar spread throughout. For those who love a deal, Baskin-Robbins is running a promotion called Celebrate 31 on Halloween to recognize our favorite spooky holiday as well as the origin of Baskin-Robbins' famous 31 flavors. All ice cream lovers who come into a store to get a scoop will get 31% off their order, including those who opt for the limited-edition Apple Cider Donut flavor.

The Zombie Unicorn Cake is also returning

Along with Baskin-Robbins' venture into the popular apple cider trend, its Zombie Unicorn Cake is also returning just in time for Halloween. The spooky and sweet ice cream cake made its first appearance in 2021 and has returned every Halloween since. The ice cream cake can be made with flavors of your choosing, while the unicorn's mane is emerald green icing, Oreo crumb-coated base and horn, dark chocolate ears outlined with green frosting, and edible "blood" gel oozing down the side of its head. It is available to order in-store or on Baskin-Robbins' website. If ghoulish unicorns aren't your jam, other spooky cakes include Haunted House, Ghost Cake, Halloween Oreo, Fang-Tastic Monster, Spider Web Cookie, and Pumpkin Patch.

Along with the Apple Cider Donut ice cream and the Zombie Unicorn Cake, the company has you covered for fall and Halloween sweets with new seasonal ice cream flavors ready to be scooped for your enjoyment, including Coffee Shop Cold Brew, Cookie Monster, Non-Dairy Mint Chocochunk, Pumpkin Cheesecake, and German Chocolate Cake.