Pizza Roses Are The Ideal Girls' Night Snack

Pizza is a go-to treat for parties and gatherings, and experimenting with the shape and presentation of this dish can add pizzazz to events. One way to liven up this classic dish before serving it is to transform it into roses. Small, rose-shaped pizzas are a stylish, Instagram-worthy snack for get-togethers. They're especially fitting for girls' nights, fully embodying the concept of buying yourself flowers — only these florets taste every bit as good as they look.

Pizza roses eliminate the need to order or make a full pie, turning a full meal into a fun appetizer. Smaller bites are well-suited for gatherings like girls' night, as guests can pass them around and munch on them while chatting. As pizza roses have a cupcake or muffin-like shape, they're extremely portable. They're also convenient for dipping, and they pair well with most party appetizers. Plus, this impressive-looking snack isn't all that difficult to assemble.

Assembling pizza roses is easier than it looks

Pizza roses aren't something you'll find at most pizzerias, but luckily you can make them at home. All you need is crescent dough, mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce, and pepperoni. Although vegetarian pizza rolls are possible, the way some pepperoni curls when cooked is largely responsible for this snack's resemblance to a rose. The curled edges create an elegant swirl similar to that of the flower. It also helps that pepperoni is red.

After gathering your ingredients, you'll shred your dough into thin strips. Then you'll line it with a layer of cheese, a light layer of sauce, and a layer of pepperoni. The final step before baking is to roll it all up, then place each "rose" into a cupcake tin. This will ensure these appetizers maintain their fun shape even after they've been in the oven. 

Assuming you've used store-bought dough and sauce, you'll want to cook these for however long the packaging suggests. The dough should take on a golden color when it's ready, signaling that you can remove it from the oven. Once your pizza rolls cool down, they're ready to serve. If you're using these for girls' night or a similar event, stacking them on an aesthetic tray can further enhance their floral look. Meanwhile, adding a side of marinara sauce or ranch for dipping will ramp up the flavor, making these an all-around great snack.