Transform Leftovers Into A Delicious Dip

When you make a meal, you want everyone to have enough to eat so they can be satisfied. You don't want anyone leaving the table hungry. Therefore, it is better to err on the side of cooking too much rather than not enough. However, food can lose a little of its magic when it reappears on your plate two or more days in a row. You don't want to toss leftovers out, but what can you do to transform them into something new and delicious?

The answer is pretty simple. To make yesterday's meal fresh again, instead of recycling it as the main course, change its role to that of an ingredient. Many of us already do that each year when the Thanksgiving turkey dinner becomes a lunchtime sandwich. However, you can take it further and completely transform the foods you love into an unexpected new dish, such as a dip.

Leftovers that make a delicious dip

For example, with lasagna, you want ordered layers filled with a dominant ingredient such as meat or cheese. However, on day two, go beyond your comfort zone and heat that lasagna, swirling and mixing until it turns into a chunky, chewy sauce that you can use as a dip for fresh toasted bread.

For another tasty option, use leftover mashed potatoes. The secret is to blend in enough sour cream to give the potatoes the consistency you desire. However, if you prefer, ranch dressing, blue cheese, buffalo sauce, chives, celery, and more can be added to mix your own unique creations.

It is important to remember that not all leftovers are from meals. Sometimes, leftovers are simply food you haven't used. Consider those end pieces from the blocks of cheese you never finished, that last handful of vegetables, and other unused scraps you may have sitting around, waiting for culinary inspiration to strike. Mix them together, heat them up, and enjoy a delicious dip.