Of All His Variants, The Lucky Charms Version Of Loki Is The Sweetest

With all the incessant hype surrounding Marvel's movies and brand deals, it should come as little surprise that Marvel is launching another run of its limited-edition Lucky Charms cereal. According to a press release, the cereal will drop on October 6, just in time for fans to eat a big bowlful as they stream the second season of "Loki."

The cereal, sold in novelty boxes with 3D graphics, will be available for purchase only at Walmart, while supplies last. Each box will cost $7.96, which is relatively pricy compared to a regular 18.6-oz box of Lucky Charms, which usually costs about $4.93.

Of course, from what we can see, the cereal itself remains the same — meaning you're pretty much paying for the collectible box. Boxes from the 2021 limited-edition run are currently listed on eBay at prices reaching nearly $80, so we don't doubt that every single 2023 box will be sold and, hopefully, enjoyed.

Fans are all over the latest Lucky Charms x Marvel ad

These days, everyone has so many advertisements hitting them from all angles all the time that brands really have to put in special effort to get noticed. Superfans of Lucky Charms and Marvel will know the brands hit the nail on the head with their latest collab, cleverly re-marketing the cereal as "mischievously" (rather than magically) "delicious."

Naturally, since around 60% of adults are Marvel fans (yes, adults can eat Lucky Charms, too), many of us can fully appreciate the marketing strategy. In fact, some Instagram users hopped into the comments with their own creative slogans: "Loki Charms" and "magically malicious," to name a couple of the best.

That being said, if there's one issue fans take with the new Loki-themed Lucky Charms, it's the scarcity. The previous run consisted of only 3,500 boxes, which sold out in mere minutes. Fans have also alleged that many of the boxes were bought out by internet bots, only to be resold later at higher prices. Unfortunately, this second run will also be sold strictly online, so it's possible would-be buyers will see similar results.