Turn Homemade Pancake Cereal Into Bears For The Cutest Breakfast Ever

TikTok's viral pancake cereal has been making breakfasts everywhere more fun since it took the world by storm in 2020. The concept is simple, tiny pancakes that look like cereal are eaten out of a bowl with your favorite toppings. But now, pancake cereal has an adorable animal-themed upgrade that takes the kinda-boring pancake circles and turns them into super cute pancake bears.

TikTok creator and recipe aficionado Bianca Fernandez shared a now-viral video where she transforms pancake batter into sweet bears in just a few simple steps — with ingredients you probably already have sitting around in your cabinet. Fernandez uses boxed pancake batter and then pipes it into a bear shape using a squirt bottle, then cooks the batter bears on a griddle pan over low to medium heat. Once they're done, she uses melted chocolate in a piping bag to decorate them, giving each bear a friendly face before adding them to a cereal bowl and topping it all off with maple syrup.

The pancake cereal possibilities are endless

This beary cute pancake cereal doesn't have to just be topped with maple syrup. You could fill up a bowl and add your go-to milk like you would with any traditional cereal, but because this "cereal" is really pancakes, it's fun to experiment with other toppings as well. Drizzles like peanut butter and Nutella could pair well with lots of flavors of pancakes, or you could also mix in your favorite fruit if you're looking for a more refreshing breakfast bite.


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If bears just aren't your thing, with a little effort you can form your pancake cereal into any shape you want using a piping bag or bottle. Pancake batter can be flavored too, so you could try any number of combinations of flavors, shapes, and colors. Red Velvet pancakes would make for quite the delicious base if you've got a red shape in mind. Sure, you could just forego the bears (and cooking altogether) by buying pancake cereal since it's now available in stores, but where's the fun or creativity in that?