Costco Does, In Fact, Offer Catering Services

Known for offering discounts on bulk items, Costco had nearly 119 million members as of 2022 (per Statista). If you're one of those, you probably find yourself in the warehouse at least once a month. What you might not know, however, is that Costco's savings expand further than in-store purchases. It also offers catering services for your upcoming party, wedding, or company event.

The store sells a wide range of platters, some of which begin at under $2 per person. Some of the options are the sushi platter that can feed 24 guests, the croissant sandwich platter with enough for 15 to 20 guests, and the chicken wing platter, which is enough for 15 people. To accommodate many tastes, the sushi comes with salmon, spicy tuna, crispy chicken, and vegetable tempura, and the croissant sandwich platter has a mixture of turkey breast, ham, and roast beef varieties. Unlike other catering companies, none of its options are customizable, and a few other aspects make it different than its counterparts as well.

How does it work?

Though party trays at Costco are a total steal, those looking to use their catering services may have to take a few extra steps than they're used to with other companies. To place an order, you must go to the store and fill out a form, as there isn't a way to submit your choices online. Then, on the day of your get-together, you'll have to return to the store and pick up your order, because unlike many alternative options, Costco doesn't deliver.

If you don't mind taking the extra time, there are benefits to ordering Costco catering. One would be the simple process — the forms can be easily found at the deli or bakery counter of any store. Secondly, the turnaround times are usually only 24 hours, so they're a good option if you've waited until last minute to prepare. If you're vegan, the wholesale store sells a vegan sushi platter, which folks on Twitter seem to enjoy. "The Costco vegan sushi platter is what dreams are made of," one user wrote alongside a photo. In the comments, they went on to admit to having it for all three meals of the day. And the final reason? Many believe the platters are top-notch. "All I ever think about lately is Costco sandwich platters," another Twitter user confessed.