TikTok's Chip-Breaded Chicken Proves, Again, That 'Everybody's So Creative'

By now, you've more than likely been exposed to a few heinous food crimes on TikTok that have inspired the 'everybody's so creative' running gag. The phrase, which was first coined by a user with the handle @tanaradoublechocolate is used to react and respond to food trends and viral videos which show home cooks performing unsafe, unsanitary, or outright bizarre actions when crafting a meal.

One such example that has been making the rounds on the social media app in recent weeks sees a pair of TikTokers wasting entire bags of chips to create potato chip-breaded chicken wings, in an execution that has other users cringing. While many cooks have turned to the salty and flavorful crushed remains left at the bottom of their chip bags to provide a crispy crunch to their chicken seasoning in the past, most cooks don't employ the method with such broad execution.

In the video, the cook in question can be seen cutting into a pair of fresh bags of Lay's potato chips, before pouring in additional flavorings including barbecue sauce, French onion dip, and a few eggs. The TikToker then lays down a number of raw chicken drumsticks, before shaking, rolling, and crushing them to coat.

Is there a better way to achieve this chip-breaded technique?

Those looking to add an additional flavor kick to their chicken are in luck, as there are a number of ways to provide chip-crumb seasoning without infecting an entire family-sized bag of chips with the unsanitary tendrils of salmonella bacteria. In fact, some eagle-eyed viewers may be able to note that a strategically placed cut was made in the viral video, meaning the TikTokers shown likely realized the error of their technique midway through the production before pivoting to a better practice.

Before the cut, you can clearly see raw, uncoated chicken poking out from the open hole in the potato chip bags, rendering the entire hack ultimately pointless. Once the drumsticks are presented as ready to enter the oven, however, they are evenly coated with the crushed-chip seasoning, and actually appear rather delicious. In order to achieve this effect, it would best serve you to remove an appropriate number of chips and crush them into bits before combining with your other ingredients and coating the chicken as you normally would in a mixing bowl or plastic baggie.

The comments on the TikTok seem to be loaded with users who cannot believe what they are seeing, providing commentary such as "love the way the crisps magically attached themselves perfectly to the chicken", "What about the rest of the chips tho," and of course, dozens of variations on the exclamation, "Everybody's so creative!"