McDonald's China Has A Burger On Its Menu That Puts US Patties To Shame

It's no secret that McDonald's offers different menu items outside the U.S., something that's become a sore point for Americans wishing to try the fast food giant's more unique offerings from overseas. Dessert enthusiasts may look longingly upon the McDonald's pies unavailable in the U.S., while meat lovers may covet the company's international burgers. One menu item from McDonald's China is sure to catch the latter's eye: the Bu Su Zhi Ba Double Layer Beef Burger.

McDonald's China's Bu Su Zhi Ba Double Layer Beef Burger is a mouthful of meat that puts U.S. patties to shame. True to its name, which translates to German Sausage Double Beef Burger, this item packs two burger patties and two sausages between its buns. This gives customers a protein-heavy dish, with little more than a layer of mustard to round it out — it doesn't contain any of the more traditional McDonald's toppings like lettuce, tomato, or pickles.

What it lacks in additional ingredients, it more than makes up for in meat. While McDonald's in the U.S. certainly has burgers loaded with extra meat (take the Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Bacon, for instance), customers in the U.S. will have to travel overseas to try the burger with two German sausages atop their burger patties. That, or make their own.

How to DIY McDonald's China's meaty burger

Although U.S. customers won't find the Bu Su Zhi Ba Double Layer Beef Burger on the menu at their local McDonald's, feedback suggests it may be worthwhile to recreate at home. Food reviewer Obscure Cola noted, "I'm not a mustard fan so much, but this is actually pretty good." The review further praised the burger's "spicy" and "tangy" flavors, which have also appealed to other reviewers. BusanKevin also took to YouTube to confirm the burger is "tasty," though added, "It'd be nice if there were some vegetables."

If traveling to China to try the Bu Su Zhi Ba Double Layer Beef Burger isn't in your budget, it's easy enough to make at home (and you can even add veggies, if that's your thing). If you hope to replicate the taste of the fast food chain's meat, you'll want to use a good McDonald's hamburger copycat recipe. Storebought sausages are probably the easiest means of recreating the meaty offering and the best frozen sausage brands tend to come in small enough sizes to fit on a burger. Mustard is a must, but you can experiment with your favorite kind. To amp up the authenticity, find a good German mustard and layer it all on your favorite pretzel bun.