13 Frozen Sausage Brands Ranked From Worst To Best

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There's nothing better than that sizzle of sausage in the morning. If you're a meat-eater, you know sausage is a feast for the senses. The smell of smoky meat is unmatched, while the saltiness pairs perfectly with the savory taste of eggs. Done right, it's no less than pure heaven for breakfast enthusiasts. Some people even drizzle a little bit of maple syrup on the whole plate to give everything a sweet lift.

While it's perfectly possible to make your own breakfast sausage, buying the frozen version will free up a few more minutes of your time. To that end, there are seemingly endless brands out there that claim to make high-quality breakfast sausage. And even if you're not a carnivore, there's a "sausage" for you. There are plenty of plant-based brands out there to help breakfast fanatics of all dietary needs and preferences find the sausage of their choice.

With all of these options, it's hard to know which one to grab out of the cold case. Never fear! We've gone through the list of some of the commonly available frozen breakfast sausage brands and ranked them from worst to best. Keep reading to see which patties and links came out on top and which are better left behind on your next trip to the frozen food aisle.

13. Banquet

Banquet is a big name in the frozen food game, with its extensive line of cheap frozen meals and snacks. The manufacturer makes some pretty elaborate foods like garlic parmesan chicken strips and baguette pizzas. And then there's the brand's breakfast sausage. In total, Banquet produces 14 different types of Brown 'N Serve breakfast sausages, which tend to come in patty and link form. They can hit your plate in a range of flavors including Vermont Maple, Country Recipe, Hot & Spicy, Beef, Turkey, Lite, and Original.

Overall, the sausages taste fine, but they do have their critics. Some note a textural issue, with one Banquet reviewer saying, "Taste was ok I guess but texture was horrible! I had to double-check [the] label ... Thought maybe were soy or a flour based product." Their patties are also notoriously too small. As another reviewer noted, "They shrunk the patties to almost half the original size. You now will need two or three just to put on a biscuit. Not worth the money anymore."

While Banquet is one of the bigger names in frozen breakfast sausage, making it pretty accessible and certainly budget-friendly, there are arguably many other frozen breakfast sausage options that have a more consistent size, texture, and flavor experience.

12. Whole Foods 365

The Whole Foods 365 brand of products aims to create a more affordable version of some consumers' favorite everyday products, even while shopping at the notoriously spendy grocery store. The brand gave frozen breakfast a shot with its classic pork breakfast sausage. It's convenient, being fully cooked and ready to simply heat and serve. The sausage is also available in a pork and maple flavor for those who want a bit of sweetness with their breakfast.

Unfortunately, the sausage dries out during the cooking process, making these pretty unenjoyable. One Amazon reviewer also noted issues with the final taste, saying that "It's a bit short on fat and I think that's why the flavor is just okay, not great."

Another Amazon reviewer was far harsher. "Dry. Chewy. No flavor," they wrote. "This was like eating a dried out unseasoned burger. Definitely not worth trying or substituting for your order." Perhaps your hard-earned dollars are better spent elsewhere in the freezer case.

11. Jimmy Dean

Consumers can count on Jimmy Dean to bring them all things breakfast food. The brand produces breakfast sandwiches, sausage and gravy bowls, sausage bites, and, of course, frozen breakfast sausages. Jimmy Dean's Heat 'n Serve sausages come in the form of either patties or links. The brand also produces turkey links for consumers looking for a lighter option. 

Although sausage probably isn't the most health-conscious food to eat, one Jimmy Dean reviewer was alarmed by what they read on the original sausage patty label. They said, "Tastes good and easy to fix but they conveniently left off the nutrition information included on the package. 200 calories 180 calories FROM FAT."

For those consumers looking for a healthy option, Jimmy Dean's frankly isn't serving up the most heart-healthy sausages out there, though that's hardly surprising when it comes to cured breakfast meats. Still, if you can look past the nutritional information on occasion, these sausages are easy to prepare and taste just fine.

10. Applegate

As a brand that specializes in natural and organic meats, Applegate says that it is committed to high standards. Its frozen breakfast sausages are available as links and patties in chicken & maple, chicken & apple, chicken & sage, savory turkey, classic pork, and a no-sugar original pork flavor. 

It's nice to have such an assortment, but across the range, there are clearly some hits and some definite misses. On the bright side, the chicken & sage breakfast patties are a win. "[W]hen I tried this sausage, I LOVED IT INSTANTLY!!!!" said one Applegate reviewer.

But the chicken & apple in the Organics range isn't quite so successful. "I love Applegate breakfast sausages, but these were disgusting!" wrote one reviewer, noting that rubbery texture issues popped up across multiple packages.

If you are looking for organic breakfast sausage, Applegate isn't a terrible pick. However, you've been forewarned: you may run into some serious consistency issues. If you're worried about that possibility, consider cooking these in a skillet, where some extra attention may help offset a rubbery texture.

9. MorningStar Farms

MorningStar Farms' plant-based products have been a game-changer for many vegetarians. Its breakfast products include veggie sausage patties, veggie sausage links, hot & spicy sausage patties, and even a maple-flavored sausage. The plant-based sausages are made with a combination of wheat gluten and soy protein to give them a somewhat realistic meat-like texture.

While it's an appealing product for vegetarians, the execution isn't quite as successful as you may hope. Of the original sausage patties, one MorningStar Farms reviewer said, "These tasted dry and unflavorful, no seasoning taste to them, very bland, they had a bad breath kind of taste to them."

Those who decide to try the Hot & Spicy variety may have better luck. Another MorningStar Farms reviewer said, "The size is perfect for some morning breakfast sandwich. It is spicy, but more on the mild side which is exactly what I like." They recommended popping the patties in an air fryer for the ideal final texture.

Depending on which bag you get, you may very well find a great vegetarian breakfast sausage. However, you may want to beware of the textural issues that could pop up in your meat-free breakfast sandwich.

8. Johnsonville

Johnsonville sausages are another frozen, fully-cooked breakfast sausage that's available as either turkey or pork and patties or links. Out of the two types of sausages available — turkey and original — the turkey links seem to be the most questionable. One Johnsonville reviewer wrote that they were pretty disappointed. "I have bought these a couple of times but this last bag was very hit or miss if it tasted good," they said.

The original pork sausage patties, however, are much more delicious. For one, the size is pretty appealing. Because the patties are made to fit a breakfast sandwich, they don't shrink down much. The flavor is pretty good, too. As another Johnsonville reviewer said, "These are the greatest pork patties I've ever eaten. The spices, the meat, and the size are perfect."

Grab the pork version of the breakfast sausage for the perfect breakfast sandwich sausage. The turkey version, however, may leave you wanting.

7. Smithfield

Smithfield Hometown original breakfast sausage links are skinless pork sausages that come frozen and cook up pretty quickly. Consumers seem to agree that they're convenient and delicious because they have overwhelmingly positive reviews. At Walmart, they have 4.8 out of 5 stars that are spread across 51 reviews, making for a pretty respectable consensus in favor of these frozen sausage links. "I normally buy banquet breakfast sausages but, the store I went to didn't have any. I wasn't disappointed! I will continue to buy these! They are so good!!" said one Walmart reviewer.

But watch out for those nutritional facts, especially if you're concerned about your sodium intake. One customer reviewing the product on the Walmart website wasn't a fan of the sausage's salt content. "REALLY salty," they wrote. "I even had my husband taste it to see if I was being sensitive, and he agreed that it was overly salty."

Going off of reviews, these would be a great pick for some. But compared to some of the other sausage brands, these aren't made quite as simply or as straightforward as other brands, with an ingredients list that may be longer than you wish to see. Plus, the salt may simply be too much for you to take. They're a delicious mainstream brand of sausage but people trying to eat simply may want to steer clear.

6. Jones Farm

Jones Dairy Farm is a family-owned and operated business that has been making sausage since 1889 (via Jones Dairy Farm). The company manufactures a breakfast sausage for nearly everyone with turkey, chicken, and pork sausage varieties (sorry, vegetarians, you're apparently out of luck here). The pork is available as mild or maple-flavored, while the chicken is available in original or maple ginger glaze flavor.

The pork sausages have an ingredient list that consists of only 5 entries — pork, water, salt, spices, and sugar. The ingredients are simpler compared to many other brands and the sausages are, in turn, purer in flavor according to many diners. As one Target reviewer said, "I love these. So much so that I just bought 4 more packages! So easy for breakfast! My only complaint is that they don't come in a bigger package."

The only downside to these sausages is that they can be noticeably fatty. Said another Target reviewer, "I wish I had looked at the nutrition panel before buying. I mean, sausage generally isn't the healthiest option out there, but [for] every 80 calories of sausage, 70 is from fat. And the look and mouthfeel of the cooked sausages really does reveal that. They were not that good."

Because Jones sausages are downright delicious but sometimes had an oily or fatty taste, they don't rank any higher. 

5. Great Value

You'd be hard-pressed not to find a Walmart somewhere nearby, at least in the United States. This makes the Great Value store brand one of the most accessible options on this list, both in terms of price and actually finding the breakfast sausage. Great Value's sausage patties are available in pork, turkey, and maple flavor.

And the sausages are surprisingly good, at least according to those who have given this frozen breakfast sausage a try. However, your experience strongly depends on which variety you pick from the frozen food case. Ultimately, the maple flavor is viewed more favorably than the plain sausage pack. Reviewers at Walmart praised the versatility of this sausage, too, writing that it worked well in a variety of meals.

Another Walmart reviewer is a big fan of the maple flavor. "The Great Value maple flavor has just that hint of maple. perfect if you're making English Muffin breakfast sandwiches."

4. Aldi

Is there anything Aldi can't do? This budget grocery chain is beloved across the world, to the point where it's even the UK's most popular grocery store. Aldi is also a hit in its home country of Germany. But in the United States, customers who can find an Aldi store are also fans of the place and its line of house brand products. 

Aldi's Breakfast Best pork sausage patties are, simply put, a serious contender for one of the top sausage brands. They're easy to cook, affordable, and, to many palates, taste pretty excellent. The patties are available in maple or original flavors. The Breakfast Best sausage brand is also available as a link

One Aldi reviewer was happy to rave about the maple patties, saying "Once cooked, they cut easily. The patties also go well with other things [...] they are a good asset to any breakfast plate." While they may not be the fanciest frozen breakfast sausages out there (and they may not be the most accessible if you live in an Aldi-bereft region), these are a pretty good option when it comes to taste and affordability.

3. Kroger

Based on its current lineup, it seems Kroger only has one variety of breakfast sausage waiting for you in the freezer case. The store-brand frozen breakfast sausage contains the usual lineup of ingredients seen in many larger brands, including pork, salt, spice, and additives like BHA propyl gallate, citric acid, and coloring.

Shop Smart loves these because of the layered, complex flavor, writing that "These patties have that familiar breakfast sausage seasoning with plenty of black pepper. The taste ends with a sweetly-caramelized finish." What's more, the sausage wasn't overly seasoned, which may make this a more interesting option for breakfasters with sensitive palates.

These frozen patties are also sandwich-sized, making them the perfect protein for a quick and filling breakfast sandwich. All told, these are breakfast sausages done right — not too seasoned but definitely not bland. Some things are better kept simple. In the case of these Kroger breakfast sausages that rings true indeed.

2. Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat's classic plant-based sausage patties are a soy and gluten-free version of breakfast sausage that are also, of course, vegetarian. The texture is about as close as one can get to meat without delving into the real thing. One Walmart reviewer was pretty effusive in their praise of this product. "I love these patties. Can't get enough of them and I'm upset that I have to share with my hubby," they wrote. "Would never buy another brand. Taste is great and texture is really good."

Another pretty wholesome Walmart reviewer said, "Two of my 90-year-old friends had never tried any non-meat products, but when they stayed with us overnight recently, I served the Beyond Meat sausage patties with eggs. They loved the flavor!"

These get bonus points for being delicious and meat-free while steering clear of allergens such as gluten and soy. But if we had to deduct a few points here, it's for size. These are still a little too small to fit into a standard breakfast sandwich. However, if you don't mind a little extra bread or engineering a size solution, they'll do just fine.

1. Swaggerty's Farm

Now, here's where it's really at in the world of frozen breakfast meats. Swaggerty's Farm breakfast sausages are available as hot, mild, and all-natural. If you're curious about the difference between all-natural and the regular variety, the all-natural has only five ingredients: pork, water, salt, spices, and sugar.

There's not much to these sausages, sure. But why mess with a good thing? Here, less is clearly more when it comes to quality and overall breakfast experience. As one Walmart reviewer said, "good sausage good taste good freshness just plain GOOD."

Another reviewer is pretty darn happy with the consistency of the product from package to package. "Excellent sausage – I've used this for over a year and the flavor and meat is always consistent," they said. Sometimes breakfast flavors require simple flavors with solid execution. That's just what Swaggerty's Farm sausages offer. They won't overpower your eggs, but they'll add just the right amount of flavor to your breakfast sandwich, helping them pull ahead in the frozen breakfast sausage race.