Domino's Offers Emergency Pizza, As If We Eat There Outside Of Emergencies

Dinner disasters can happen for any number of reasons, and Domino's is running a promotion that tosses out a life preserver to customers who might be suddenly drowning in such a situation. For a limited time at Domino's, you can redeem one free, medium-sized Emergency Pizza with two toppings to use as your secret weapon. And no, you don't need to provide details as to what your exact emergency is — you just need to be a Domino's Rewards member to qualify.

Domino's is pretty cheap if you're eating out on a budget, and it's extending a bit more of that generosity towards your wallet as the season of giving approaches. In a press release, Domino's senior vice president, Kate Trumbull, explained the new promo by saying, "Why did we launch Domino's Emergency Pizza? With so much uncertainty in everyday life, we believe everyone needs a pizza pick-me-up at some point!"

Now it's just a matter of choosing what emergency you want to redeem it for until the offer expires on February 11, 2024. The company makes it really simple for members of the Domino's Rewards loyalty program to claim their free Emergency Pizza within their account.

How to claim your Domino's Emergency Pizza

When you spot the Emergency Pizza deal on the Domino's app, your mind might conjure images of pizza that sends people to the emergency room. That's not quite the type of emergency Domino's is referencing, but that would technically be a great time to redeem your free pizza using your rewards account. The next time you make an online Domino's purchase of $7.99 or higher, your Emergency Pizza will become available on your account. At that point, you'll need to claim the offer within seven days and order your free pizza within 30 days. You can find your Emergency Pizza in the "My Deals and Rewards" section of your Domino's Rewards account, and you can even combine this freebie with the Mix and Match or Weeklong Carryout offers.

If you aren't a Domino's rewards member, you can quickly sign up for an account to score your pizza within the promotion's time frame. There's no pressure, because in the event you forget to redeem your Emergency Pizza, you can become eligible for it once more — as long as you're able to use it before February 11. If you somehow don't have a use for this promotion or have had your fill of all the best Domino's pizza recently, consider paying it forward by gifting a free pizza to someone else who might need it more.