TikTok's Adorable Tip For Adding Character To Your Watermelon

There's no limit to what culinary ideas you can bring to life once you get those creative juices flowing. Sometimes the juiciest ideas come in the form of fruit sculptures. Even with the most basic, important kitchen knife skills, a simple platter of fruit can go from flat and boring to a finessed, three-dimensional work of art for all your guests to marvel at. Fruits and vegetables are already some of the most colorful things you can eat, so it only makes sense that people have been turning them into food sculptures online. From intricately carved fruits to adorable, vibrant animals with smiles that would make any kid's eyes light up, there's a lot of dedication that goes into food art. Speaking of animal-shaped fruit, one TikTok user makes her watermelon sculptures' complicated-looking designs look like a breeze.

You may have thought Edible Arrangements was the king of making fruit look pretty, but the truth is that it's easy to accomplish at home and make it look much more impressive. TikToker and recipe guru, JaneBrain, shows how to create a fruit-filled centerpiece featuring a cute watermelon bear holding a bowl of even more watermelon pieces made for sharing. Surrounding the bear are decorative onions and tomatoes laid out in a pattern. Those are not meant to be eaten with the sweet-tasting watermelon bear but lend a lot to the visual appeal. Despite not everyone in the comments section being on board, the finished product is as much of a creative triumph as it is a refreshing summertime snack.

Fruit sculptures are all about precision

During JaneBrain's video, you can hear the excitement in her voice as the fruit sculptor starts chopping away, starting off with the bright purple onion "flowers" that surround her bear. Slicing an onion chunk with layered angles, she explains that the goal is not to cut all the way across so that you can push the layers out to look like petals.


My grandma taught me these fruit and veggie tricks ❤️

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She then gives the same floral treatment to a juicy tomato, slicing its skin so that it spirals inward to make a rose. After placing it in the center of the onion petals, it's time to tackle the star of this fruit platter. By giving the watermelon a few shallow cuts, she inserts ears and sticks in toothpicks with berries for the eyes. Now it's certainly cute, but what about the bowl? Turning your watermelon bear into a succulent fruit bowl is as easy as cutting it in half, scooping the insides to chop into pieces, and propping the head up. You can add other fruits for garnish or swap out the veggies for something that better complements the taste of watermelon. Just because it's a display doesn't mean you can't store and save the garnish or uneaten bits for later. This just goes to show that playing with your food isn't all bad as your next creative charcuterie board might just have a fresh, new twist in its future.