Add Berries To Your Next Hot Toddy For A Flavorful Twist

The classic hot toddy is one of the best drinks out there when the cooler months roll around. Hot toddies are comforting, simple, and will warm you up on a chilly evening. Most hot toddies are made with hot water, whiskey, a bit of honey, and some lemon. They're nicely balanced between sweet and tart. Even though they're not particularly complicated, they're endlessly adaptable. That versatility is one of the things that fans love about them besides choosing the best whiskey for a hot toddy. Putting a fun and unexpected twist on this classic cozy drink might be what you need to take it to the next level. It just so happens that berries are the perfect way to do that.

Berries are both sweet and tart, bringing some welcome dimension to your toddy. Depending on the berries you choose, you can add a fruity twist to your hot toddy that meshes perfectly with its classic lemony flavor. Different types of berries will give your cozy beverage slightly varied twists. You can try them all for uniquely delicious versions of this classic drink that will warm you from the inside out.

Turning berries into Hot Toddies

Blackberries are a great option for your fruity hot toddy, as they have a deep, robust flavor and a bit of tartness that meshes well with a hot beverage. Cranberries have a rich, potent flavor that, when paired with spices, provides a festive, warming taste for the holidays. Raspberries are a great choice for bite and acidity. Blueberries and the lemon flavor of your hot toddy are a perfectly complementary combination. When it comes time to mix up your cocktail, mash berries into a bowl then mix the juice and some fresh berries into your drink. Alternatively, you can grab a berry jam or a store-bought berry juice and simmer it in a pot before adding it to your toddy.

For extra ingredients and garnishes, brown sugar, fresh thyme, and vanilla is a winning combination to bring some sweetness and savory depth to your fruity drink. For a spicy, autumnal twist, go for classic flavors like cloves and cinnamon. Orange can be a great addition here to deepen the flavor and complement the berries. For something extra, finish with a cinnamon sugar rim on your glass or a vanilla stick. When it comes to alcohol, whiskey is most common for hot toddies, so it's ideal for a strong, classic take on the drink. Rum is a sweeter and less smoky alternative. Spiced rum will add extra dimension. Mix your favorite berries, booze, and embellishments for a warm and cozy drink that's all your own.