The Dolphining Technique Will Help You Make Latte Art Like A Pro

Despite the prevalence of latte art among talented baristas, taking a whack at this skill can be intimidating. And that's for good reason: If you frequently order your cup of joe from a latte-art aficionado, your barista probably wishes you knew just how difficult this art is to create. Still, when trying to master any new skill, you have to start somewhere, and learning the basics of latte art may be simpler than you think. The dolphining technique can be anyone's first foray into making latte art.

Latte art is made by pouring the foamed milk on top of a latte in specific patterns. If you've seen latte art before, then you're probably familiar with what's called a tulip, as it's one of the most common latte art designs. It looks a bit like a flower with a heart on top or like the petals of a tulip. Perfecting a tulip is a great place to start your latte-art adventure, and dolphining is an easy way to ensure that you pour in just the right pattern to grow a lovely latte-art tulip.

How to master the dolphining technique

TikTok creator coined the term "dolphining" in their video about making perfect latte art. They call the trick "dolphining" because, in their words, "your milk jug looks like a dolphin." Take another look at the spout you pour the milk out of — it really does look like a dolphin nose.

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To create latte art using the dolphining technique, pour your foamed milk into a cup of espresso until the mug is around ⅔ full. Then make sure the spout of your jug is close to the surface of the drink, and aim for the center of the mug. Pour to create the base of your tulip. Lift the spout and pour another layer right into the tulip's base. As you pour, push your jug forward just a little, which will make the tulip's layers mold around each other, creating that circular pattern. Continue dolphining until you have your desired design.

Dolphining a beautiful latte is as easy as that. There are plenty of fancy, creative coffee recipes you can learn yourself, but the first step in achieving a cafe-style latte at home is learning picture-perfect presentation. Time to start practicing your dolphining!