TikTok's Copycat Cheez-It Only Requires 2 Ingredients You Likely Have Already

When a Cheez-It craving hits, it must be satisfied. But if you're out, trying to cut back on snack foods, or tired of paying big bucks for tiny cheese crackers, you can easily make your own. As seen on TikTok, to make homemade Cheez-Its, you only need thin cheese slices and a sprinkling of sea salt. After baking, you'll be left with a crispy cheese square that satisfies your cravings in no time. 

You can choose whatever type of cheese you like, but sharp cheddar is probably the closest to the classic Cheez-It flavor. If you want to switch things up or don't have any sharp cheddar in your fridge, Colby Jack, Gouda, aged white cheddar, or another hard cheese could also work. It's also important that the cheese slices be extremely thin. You can try to cut them yourself from a block of cheese with some patience and dexterity, use a mandolin, or take the easy route with super thin pre-sliced cheese. From there, stack the slices together and quarter them. 

We mean it -- just two ingredients

Once you've prepped your squares of cheese, you don't want to just put them in the oven as-is. Did you know the iconic hole in the middle of Cheez-It crackers actually has a purpose? Just like when you pierce a pie crust with a fork, you need to put a hole in the homemade cheese snacks, as this stops them from puffing up and popping. You can do this with a straw — just press it into the middle of the cheese like a hole punch. 


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Part of what baffled some TikTokers is that the cheese doesn't just melt into one big pool, but stays mostly in a square shape while it browns in the oven. That's partially because cheddar is a low-moisture cheese, and partially because the super thin slices make for quick water evaporation, so it crisps up instead of melting — this is also why cheddar isn't a go-to cheese for pizza

In addition to using a low-moisture cheese, make sure the oven is plenty hot before you put the cheddar in. You could also use an air fryer, which has fans that will help the cheese become adequately dry. The baking process should only take a few minutes, so keep an eye on the crackers once they go in so they don't overbrown or burn. When they've got a nice golden crust, take them out, sprinkle them with flakey sea salt, and you're all set with your homemade — and not to mention, keto-friendly — Cheez-It snack.