KFC's $20 Fill Up Box Doesn't Exactly Impress TikTok

Now more than ever, people are looking for affordable ways to feed their whole family. That's why for just $20, KFC is offering a fill-up box complete with 12 nuggets, four biscuits, four pieces of chicken, french fries, and four sauces. Customers can choose between original and crispy chicken, with the sauce options including KFC sauce, buffalo ranch, classic ranch, honey BBQ, and honey mustard. Unfortunately, TikTok users claim it doesn't provide enough food to serve its intended purpose.

Although the video's original poster, @heyimsuie, claims the box can feed "a whole f—ing village," commenters aren't on board. "That would literally feed just me," one user wrote. Another user went as far as to say it would only serve as half a meal for them. One commenter addressed the elephant in the room, writing "$20 used to get more than that 10 years ago."

Sadly, TikTok users aren't the only ones who feel this way about the KFC offering.

More customers weigh in on the fill-up box

When one Reddit user shared KFC's fill-up box to the r/fastfood subreddit, commenters were just as unimpressed as TikTok users. "Throw in a couple sandwiches and a large Mountain Dew and I will be almost filled up," wrote one user. Another also pointed out that it didn't include a drink. "[It's] not even worth $20 of food," they wrote. In the past, KFC offered a more affordable $5 fill up.

Still, KFC's CMO Nick Chavez believes the box is suitable for an entire family. When it was announced in August of 2023, Chavez claimed the fill-up box "makes meal-time simple," stating that it's a good substitute for pizza for his household, which includes four children (per KFC).

It's blatantly obvious that customers don't agree that the fill-up box can fill you up, but what about how it tastes? According to one TikTok user, the nuggets are "really good" when dipped in KFC sauce. "Look at that white meat," user @lukefoods said. He felt the fries were "solid" but said the biscuits were "a little bit overdone."