We Couldn't Help But Wonder: How Many Slices Is A Costco Pizza?

There are many rules Costco shoppers must follow, like bringing their membership card and showing a receipt when they leave. However, one that's more customer-driven is the mandatory post-shopping visit to Costco's food court. After all, despite already having a cart full of groceries, the convenience of premade food is extremely appealing to hungry shoppers.

The pizza is a particularly popular choice, due to how filling and affordable it is, and consumers can choose a single slice of cheese or pepperoni for just $1.99. Interestingly, though, the single slice is ⅙ of the pie and ends up covering almost the entirety of a paper plate. Why? Because the singles are cut differently than a whole pie.

The Costco food court actually has a large metal contraption used to help its workers cut 'za into six even slices. Basically, it's a hexagon with an X in the middle and a line going through it horizontally. This gets placed over the pie to guide where the cutter goes. Then, after it's cut into single-serve slices, it's easier to cut each one in half again, so the full pizzas have 12 each.

Costco takes its pizza seriously

If you're wondering how Costco pizza is really made, the assembly is quite streamlined, with employees completing the process in under 8 minutes. Cutting pizza isn't the hardest thing in the world, but rushing it results in crooked slices, which is why the gadget they use is so helpful. In fact, Mashed spoke with Costco locations in California, North Carolina, Arizona, and Colorado, confirming its whole pizzas are always sliced into 12 similarly portioned servings. You can even view the process on Instagram.

The downside of ordering an entire 18-inch Costco pizza is that it'll take 15 minutes for the food court to prep it — sometimes longer if the workers are busy. However, it only costs you $9.95, and clever shoppers place their orders early if they think it'll be a long wait. While cheese and pepperoni are definitely popular, many customers love the store's combo and veggie options, as well. Unfortunately, those were discontinued at the start of the pandemic and don't appear to be making a return any time soon. Of course, that doesn't mean all 12 slices of Costco's available pizzas aren't still extremely popular.