Does Trader Joe's Ever Accept Coupons?

While Trader Joe's is known for its low prices on everything from organic produce to its specialty products, there are always going to be customers who strive to find even lower prices. For savings seekers, Trader Joe's has some good news and bad news for you. Trader Joe's website states, "We have low prices, every day. NO coupons. NO membership cards. NO discounts. NO glitzy promotions or couponing wars at our stores." While this sounds a lot like bad news for couponers, a little digging uncovers an exception.

An email sent to Mashed from Trader Joe's public relations manager, Nakia Rohde, gets more specific, confirming that not every coupon is off the table. "We do not offer Trader Joe's coupons. We stay focused on providing the best everyday values, every day. However, we do accept manufacturer's coupons for other brand's products we carry." 

For shoppers frustrated that stores like Costco and Aldi don't accept any kind of coupons, the news that manufacturer's coupons are welcome at Trader Joe's should be very encouraging. While Trader Joe's doesn't generally carry a ton of brand-name items, it tends to carry them at a lower price than your average big box store. For that reason, you can save even more by also using a manufacturer's coupon.

Manufacturer's coupons can save you a lot of money

While Trader Joe's may accept manufacturer's coupons, the company has made it very clear over the years with repeated statements that anything that may be found online offering deals on Trader Joe's products is a scam. "Trader Joe's has NO association with these organizations. We do not offer any Trader Joe's coupons, discounts, or gift cards online," it stated on its website in a customer update. So, bring in those manufacturer's coupons if you have them, but remember that any coupons online claiming to be Trader Joe's are not legit.

According to Kiplinger, 80% of the items found at Trader Joe's are from the company's own private labels. Though 20% may not be a lot, it adds up when all of those items are priced lower than most grocery stores. For example, Trader Joe's sells Impossible Chicken Nuggets for around $6.99, while Target sells the same product for 70 cents more. Frooze Ball Vegan Energy Balls are $5.20 for two at H-E-B, but at Trader Joe's, two packages would cost you $1.22 less at $3.98. Toss in a manufacturer's coupon for 50 cents to $1 off, and you're saving quite a bit on those brand-name foods. But it's important to note that they often disappear from the shelves just as quickly — if not quicker — than Trader Joe's own brands, so don't get too attached.