Aldi Doesn't Accept Manufacturer's Coupons For A Noble Reason

Aldi is known for its low prices and great deals. The popular grocery store has a myriad ways to help keep costs down. You won't find too many employees around the store, just the ones running the registers and stocking the shelves, and you'll certainly have to bag your own groceries. Out in the parking lot, you'll need a quarter for a cart, which you should be sure to return to the cart corral to get your quarter back, an arrangement that eliminates the need for employee cart collectors.

Savvy shoppers in-the-know are all about deals, and therefore naturally flock to Aldi. But oftentimes, said savvy shoppers use manufacturer's coupons, which you won't find accepted at Aldi stores for two good reasons. One, most items you'll find at Aldi are Aldi-branded, which allows the grocery store to set its own deals on these items whose quality they promise "is equal to or better than that of the established brands." Two, when Aldi does carry name-brand items, they have negotiated with the brand for the very best deals and then pass the savings on to the consumer (via Aisle of Shame). According to Aldi's FAQ page, the store " takes pride in making grocery shopping smart, fast and easy. Aldi shoppers do not have to clip coupons to find the best deals because we offer the lowest prices on groceries every single day."

The best way to score a deal at Aldi is to shop the sales

Consumer savings expert Lauren Greutman explained the science behind Aldi's choice not to accept manufacturer's coupons. "People need to know that they have one of every type of product. You're not going to have a huge list of peanut butter to choose from. There are different kinds of cereals but not everything you want. If they can make [a product] better and cheaper [than a national brand] they will carry their own. If they can't and the name brand is better they'll carry them," Greutman said (via NBC News Better).

The Aldi FAQ page is also quick to point out that if you find an Aldi-specific coupon on social media, it is not real and not valid.

One Redditor, u/karma-twelve, had great advice if you're looking for great deals to score at Aldi sans-coupons, writing on the r/Aldi forum, "What I will recommend is that you grab a flier/look online because they have pretty good sales every week. There is also a discount area (in my store at least)."