Walmart's Deli Hot Bar Gives Fast Food Restaurants A Run For Their Money

There are some deli hot bars that make us excited to go grocery shopping simply so we can get a quick but tasty lunch. While most people rave about Costco's food court, its deli selections have a following as well, and it is viewed as one of the best grocery store delis. Walmart, on the other hand, is usually near the bottom of those lists. Even though Walmart sells a massive amount of rotisserie chickens throughout its stores, most people would suggest purchasing your deli meats and cheese elsewhere.

However as CNET reported using data from Pricelisto that fast food prices jumped about 13% in 2022 due to inflation, more people are looking to Walmart's deli hot bar as a cheaper alternative. TikToker @samantha420gonzalez posted a video showing a food container with an eight-piece wing deal with potato wedges and mac and cheese and a price tag of $5.97. "Y'all thought I was joking when I said it, but I'm dead serious. Stop giving these fast food places your money," we hear in a voiceover.

With KFC charging around $9 for an eight-piece chicken wing combo meal and Popeyes charging more than $10 for a six-piece chicken wing combo meal, @samantha420gonzalez may have a point.

There are mixed opinions on the hot bar's quality

Walmart's deli hot bar seems to have many champions, with another TikToker, @lukefoods, posting their own video showing the trays of corn, macaroni and cheese, different kinds of potatoes, and many options for chicken. Unlike @samantha420gonzalez, they taste and review everything on camera and were pretty honest about their opinion on the chicken. "I would not necessarily say high quality, but that is some tasty chicken," they say, summing up their meal as "cheap, but it tastes good."


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Many of the people in the comments were surprised at the appearance of the food at the deli hot bar. "You must [have] got it when it just came out! My Walmart deli food always looks old and dried out," wrote one person. "My Walmart deli does not look like that!" confirmed another. Others were quick to defend the creator, agreeing that the deli is "Incredibly underrated," and "Best place to eat."

Most people know that you can find extremely cheap and affordable items at Walmart, and getting merchandise on rollback, using coupons, and buying store-brand products can save you even more. But for those doing their shopping while hungry, Walmart's deli hot bar is a definite hit if you're trying to satisfy your hunger and save a few bucks.