Making A Copycat KFC Famous Bowl Is Easy With Frozen Chicken Popcorn

Few fast food joints produce as much fried chicken as Kentucky Fried Chicken. While you can always pull up to the drive-thru to pick up dinner on the go or bring home something for the family, sometimes you crave home cooking that's actually cooked at home. If that applies to you, don't feel relegated to hours of laborious meal prep. Mashed Recipe Developer Melissa Johnson recreated the hearty KFC Famous Bowl and saved time in her process. The trick is using frozen popcorn chicken which gets served over mashed potatoes and then topped with corn, cheese, and gravy.  

This convenient option gives the bowl the protein it needs to be considered similar to KFC's version and eliminates tasks that a lot of people find unpleasant. Frying chicken can be arduous. Breading the chicken is messy and tedious. Also, working with a pot of hot oil can be dangerous. While simplifying the preparation process this Copycat KFC Famous Breakfast Bowl recipe can come together in just 30 minutes.

Frozen popcorn chicken eliminates guesswork

The real reason you should never order KFC's Famous Bowl is that you can make something even more delicious in your own kitchen. If you thought the drive-thru was convenient, you'll love Melissa Johnson's copycat KFC Famous Bowl. Following her formula, you can recreate this dish using premade elements. Frozen popcorn chicken will expedite the process and remove the guesswork from mixing up your breading. That's because frozen popcorn chicken comes covered with flour and seasonings. For that reason, it mimics the original KFC version, which receives a coating of flour and an undisclosed blend of spices. 

For this recipe, you'll simply bake the chicken according to the package's instructions. You can also cook the nuggets in the air fryer at 350 degrees F for eight minutes. Once that's done, and you've prepared your other components, it's time to assemble the Famous Bowl. Layer the frozen popcorn chicken above the mashed potatoes. Then top the entire dish with gravy, corn, and cheese. You can easily refrigerate leftovers in an airtight container to eat throughout the week.