Aldi's Popular Advent Calendars Are Just Days Away

The release of Aldi's advent calendars is always something to celebrate. And, if you're a fan of this particular holiday, you'll be happy to know that it's fast approaching. From the boozy advent calendars to the chocolate variety, Aldi is known for its yearly treats that will give you a surprise each day in December. Luckily, you don't actually have to wait until December to stock up. They go on sale on November 1st. If you frequent this popular supermarket chain and haven't picked up one of their advent calendars in the past, then you may be shopping at Aldi wrong.

One of the reasons Aldi fans love these advent calendars is because of the variety. While the typical advent calendar offers you one candy a day all holiday season, Aldi has a calendar for all kinds of treats. In the past, Aldi has offered niche advent calendars focusing on cheese, wine, coffee, hot sauce, and more. They've also sold non-food options, including candles and puzzles, as well as great picks for kids like Lego, Mini Brands, and even an entire calendar dedicated to slime. And if you have fur babies, they've included dog and cat treat calendars, too. 

Pick up your perfect calendar this year

Until the advent calendars hit store shelves on November 1st, we can't be entirely certain of the variety they'll offer this year. We do know that some fan-favorites will be returning, including the Huntington Home Candle Advent Calendar and the Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar. The chain will also be presenting ten entirely new calendars. Five of these new calendars are alcohol-centric and will include sweet red wine, dry red wine, sparkling wine, Irish cream, and cider. Just keep in mind that the boozy advent calendars will only be available at Aldi locations that typically sell alcohol.

Aldi advent calendars are only available in stores while supplies last. While popping into Aldi on November 1st may feel like it's on the early side, it's your safest bet if you want to be sure to get your hands on your calendar of choice. These advent calendars are one of Aldi's most popular offerings, so they aren't likely to stay on store shelves for long.