Thanksgiving Sangria Is The Cozy Drink That Shines At Holiday Parties

Whether your Thanksgiving is a packed family get-together or a cozy Friendsgiving, you probably want to keep the spirit of fall alive through your decor and some traditional holiday foods. One easy way to infuse the tastes of autumn into your guests' experience is by concocting a deliciously fruity Thanksgiving sangria.

This sangria features several different ingredients that all work together to create a complex, well-rounded flavor. Fruits like crisp apples, juicy oranges, or cranberries can be combined with white wine and other spirits to transform the drink into a refreshing, boozy treat. When searching for the right type of white wine to use, pinot grigio, sauvignon blanc, and other varieties with fruity undertones are ideal, as these will lend even more depth to the taste. Also, adding aromatic spices like cinnamon, allspice, and cloves is the perfect way to give this party drink a burst of fall goodness.

One fall staple that you'll need to make your Thanksgiving sangria is apple cider. Depending on your level of holiday dedication, you can use your favorite store-bought brand or make your own slow cooker apple cider. After including so many fruits, you may find your sangria is on the tart side, but don't overcompensate by adding heaps of extra sugar. There are a few common household ingredients that might be a better fit.

Add maple syrup to your sangria to balance out tart flavors

When searching for the best sugar substitutes, molasses and maple syrup are two fall-appropriate choices that will help minimize any excessive acidity. Honey and vanilla are also great options for adding some sweetness without going overboard. If you have a jar of apple butter or pumpkin butter in your pantry, those are also equally rich-tasting options that can add more oomph. The great thing about sangria is that it's versatile enough to let you be creative with the flavor profile.

Perhaps a bottle of fruity white wine isn't quite enough and you'd like to pour in another splash of liquor to complement your recipe even further. There are many libations that you can use in sangria. Brandy will work well, especially if you find an apple-flavored bottle. Speaking of apples, try slicing up two different types. Granny Smith apples are always a surefire way to add some tartness, while Honeycrisp apples can soften that strong flavor with extra juicy sweetness.

Mix in a dash of lemon juice, and be sure to let your Thanksgiving sangria chill in the fridge for 30 minutes to two hours so all the flavors can steep. If you plan on giving this drink a bubbly edge, refrain from adding champagne or sparkling water until it's ready to serve.