Yelp Reviews Of Kitchen Nightmares' The Juicy Box Are (Mostly) Positive

Upon entering The Juicy Box, it didn't take long for "Kitchen Nightmare" star Gordon Ramsay to run into a major issue. Despite the Brooklyn eatery's name, no juice was available. The juice maker was broken, forcing the owners to serve smoothies instead. However, the busted juicer was the least of The Juicy Box's problems, which included a hard-partying staff and a broken walk-in fridge. Ramsay and the crew worked together to improve and subsequently save the restaurant. If you watched the episode, which first aired on November 6, you might be searching for an update on how The Juicy Bar is currently doing.

According to Yelp reviews, chef Ramsay's efforts weren't in vain. With 3.7 stars, most of the new comments are relatively positive. On November 6, one reviewer admitted they weren't "too impressed" when visiting the establishment a year ago, but after trying it again, they enjoyed "the best chicken [they've] had in a long time." Several others praised the restaurant for its welcoming environment. "The owner is very personable and inviting," wrote one Yelper. Others complimented the versatile music, the "ethnic authenticity of the food," and the attentive waitstaff.

Still, some diners aren't impressed. Some critiques included the restaurant's flavorless food, lack of quality for the price, and a "poorly stocked bar." Even so, the eatery seems to be doing better than when Ramsay got his hands on it.

The restaurant had 60 days to turn things around

Aside from the broken juicer, Gordon Ramsay faced a slew of problems at The Juicy Bar. For one, tensions among the staff were running high, leading to fights loud enough to disturb unassuming diners. Orders were delivered to the wrong tables, meals took nearly half an hour to arrive, and dishes were served with missing ingredients. As far as food safety was concerned, the walk-in was operating at unsafe, elevated temperatures.

Things began to go downhill when the owner's son, Jacques, began managing the restaurant. Perhaps explaining the out-of-stock items and broken equipment, Jacques spent most of his money on nightlife rather than ensuring the restaurant was successful. When chef Ramsay arrived, he was told the business had to reach a turning point in 60 days or it would be closed permanently.

With Ramsay's help, The Juicy Bar gained an improved menu, a new juicer, new hours, and a deep clean. Although the "Kitchen Nightmares" episode recently aired, it was filmed in the spring of 2023. As time passes, perhaps the eatery can raise its rating even higher.