Upgrade Soup With Frozen Gnocchi

Soup is a popular food item to keep on hand, largely due to its convenience. Not only does it have a long shelf life (several years for most varieties), but it is an extremely simple dish to heat up on the stovetop. Whether you want a quick lunch, a warm and comforting dinner, or some nourishment for those days when you feel under the weather, soup is often a go-to option.

Unfortunately, soup isn't loved by everyone. Some people would go so far as to say that it's boring. Those who share this sentiment are likely unimpressed by the soup's singular flavor notes, smooth consistency, or mundane texture. Luckily, there's a quick and easy way to elevate a boring soup and make it a more dynamic meal. If you're looking to add depth and variety to your pureed soups, adding some frozen gnocchi is an incredible hack. 

Not only is it convenient to store a bag of these potato dumplings in your freezer, but they can make any soup more filling while also adding flavor and texture. Gnocchi is a classic Italian style of pasta that combines flour, eggs, and potatoes to make small dumpling-style balls. While it's commonly served as a pasta dish with sauce and cheese, adding gnocchi to soup is a great option.

Gnocchi needs to be a freezer staple

The truth about gnocchi is that different styles can be made with a variety of potatoes. Specifically, using sweet potato in the recipe instead of white has become a popular variation. Plus, Trader Joe's sells bags of frozen sweet potato gnocchi flavored with butter and sage and vegan cauliflower gnocchi. These are great options to keep in your freezer to add to specific soups like butternut squash or even cream of mushroom soup.

While gnocchi can be made from scratch, it's a laborious process that can take some planning and prep work. Therefore, keeping a frozen bag of premade gnocchi in your freezer can be a lifesaver when you need a quick meal or a convenient way to make your soup more hearty. Many surprising recipes can be created using canned soup, and adding gnocchi is no exception.

Frozen gnocchi can be added to the various canned soups in your pantry for an upgraded version of a lazy dinner. However, even if you plan to make a big pot of tomato or split pea soup from scratch, incorporating some gnocchi into your homemade recipe will only enhance it. Of course, recreating a restaurant dish like Olive Garden's chicken and gnocchi soup at home will inevitably be a hit as well. Ultimately, the unique versatility of gnocchi makes it the perfect freezer staple for those meals that need a little elevating.