Subway Isn't Being Cheap, There's An Actual Reason It Limits Your Toppings

If you're a Subway fan who's frustrated by the chain's topping limit, then you might be interested in learning that the restaurant's rule is actually for your own good. One of the factors that makes Subway sandwiches so delicious is the fact that they're extra customizable, but some customers still wish they could choose exactly how much of each topping to add to their sandwich. Unfortunately, this is one option Subway employees won't allow. It's easy to assume that the chain just doesn't want to use too much of a location's supply on one sandwich, but in reality, limiting toppings is an issue of quality control, and it all works out in the customer's favor so they can eat their sandwich whenever and wherever they please.

Subway employees don't have specific measurements to adhere to when they're adding veggies to sandwiches, but they are expected to keep portions fairly similar and limited, specifically so customers can eat their sandwiches on the move. Adding too many toppings creates a sloppy sandwich, and while more toppings may seem like an easy way to make a sandwich more delicious, in reality, sloppy sandwiches just aren't as portable.

Smaller portions mean less mess

If a sandwich is messy to the point of falling apart, you may feel like it's something you can only eat sitting at a table with a large pile of napkins. To ensure a perfectly proportioned — and, thus, perfectly portable — sandwich, Subway employees aim for the ideal total amount of veggies. For example, if the only veggie you add to your sandwich is lettuce, you'll get more lettuce than someone who ordered lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and onions. The only way to get a larger portion of a specific veggie is to order a smaller variety of veggies.

Subway employees will also limit the addition of any veggies that are extra flavorful. Pickles and banana peppers, for example, give a sandwich lots of depth, but adding too many will quickly make the flavors overpowering. Adding the right amount of each is the best way to ensure that the customer's sandwich tastes great, regardless of what toppings they choose. So, while you may wish that you could pile on the onions or add way more tomatoes than you're used to, it's best to trust the folks behind the counter. Balancing the number of additions with the perfect portions ensures you get the best Subway sandwich every time.