Aldi's Gluten-Free Holiday Donuts Are Back On Shelves

It wouldn't be the holiday season if there weren't tempting sweets, treats, and baked goods lurking on every counter. Although many people can set aside their healthy eating habits for the holiday season, for those with food sensitivities like celiac disease, the rules aren't quite as flexible. Because no one should have to endure a donut-free holiday, Aldi has put its gluten-free holiday donuts back on the shelves for a limited time.

Made with rice flour, tapioca starch, and cornstarch rather than the typical wheat flour, the seasonal treats are available in three festive flavors — pumpkin, cranberry, and gingerbread, all coated in a sugary glaze. Stored in the frozen food section, a six-count box of donuts retails for just $4.49. If the price sounds surprisingly low for a gluten-free goody, that's because Aldi designed it that way.

"At ALDI, we have always believed in offering high-quality food at everyday low prices," Aldi President Chuck Youngstrom said in a 2014 press release. "We applied this same philosophy when selecting items to include in our new LiveGfree line of gluten-free products."

Low prices, great donuts

Launched in 2014, LiveGfree, Aldi's in-house brand of gluten-free foods, proved that the multinational discount supermarket was committed to providing gluten-free options to its customers. The first grocery store to establish an in-house brand of gluten-free items, LiveGfree offers everything from gluten-free pizza and chicken nuggets to gluten-free pretzels, baking mixes, and granola at a price 50% lower than other grocery stores, Aldi claims.

While the modest price tag is a bonus, it's the impressive taste of LiveGfree's holiday donuts that has people excited for their return. After announcing on Instagram that the beloved donuts would again be on the shelves for the holiday season, Aldi fans showed their excitement in the comments section. "The best gf donuts," one commenter wrote. "Just ate 2 of the GF pumpkin donuts. YUMMY!!!" another added.

LiveGfree's cranberry, gingerbread, and pumpkin donuts will be available at select Aldi stores while supplies last. As fans have pointed out, the festive flavored treats sell out fast.