Aldi Is Celebrating The Holidays With Festive Trail Mix

Trail mix may not be the first snack you think of when considering holiday treats, but if pumpkin spice ramen has taught us anything, it's that incorporating a seasonal flavor into an everyday dish can make anything festive. Therefore, when Aldi released a line of winter-themed trail mixes, it unsurprisingly filled shoppers with Christmas cheer. The trio of snack mixes have appeared at Aldi before, and this week, they've returned for the holiday season yet again.

"All of the festive trail mix flavors!! Yes please," Instagram user @adventuresinaldi exclaimed in a post from December 12 after spotting the seasonal finds. Available in containers ranging from 19 to 21 ounces and priced at $9.99, the limited-edition snack blend comes in three varieties. One of these is salted caramel, which features roasted almonds, salted caramel seasoned cashews, pretzel squares, milk chocolate sea salt caramel truffles, and dark chocolate pretzel balls, according to the packaging.

For @adventuresinaldi, this was the flavor they were most looking forward to, but suppose you're not a salted caramel fan. In that case, Aldi's winter trail mix also comes in a candy cane flavor featuring peppermint candy bites, cookie pieces, dark chocolate candies, coated pretzels, and both peppermint and roasted almonds. Rounding out the trio is a new hot cocoa trail mix that consists of sweet cream and dark chocolate-covered almonds, yogurt-flavored marshmallow bites, milk chocolate marshmallow truffles, and chunks of dark chocolate.

Shoppers are saying Aldi's holiday trail mixes are Target dupes

Since Aldi's returning winter trail mixes are largely chocolate- and candy-based, they may not be the best fuel for your post-Christmas hike. They could, however, make an excellent addition to your holiday party spreadĀ or be a perfect gift. In response to another post about the product from Instagram user @ohheyaldi, one person commented that they've "been waiting all season" for them. Another said they'd be heading to their local Aldi to see if they were in stock, while a third couldn't help but notice that the holiday snack was pretty similar to one sold at another fan-favorite store.

"These are total dupes for the target line!" they said. This keen-eyed Aldi shopper is most likely talking about Target's assortment of holiday trail mixes from its Favorite Day line. These come in several flavors, including salted caramel and candy cane crunch.

Target's mixtures also include plenty of candy and chocolate, but with a price tag of $11 for a 16.5-ounce container, Target's festive trail mixes are smaller and more expensive than Aldi's. As such, shoppers looking to save a few bucks may want to grab Aldi's limited-edition dupes before they're gone.