Taco Bell Coffee Chillers Review: These Thick And Creamy Drinks Deliver Perfect Level Of Sweetness

Taco Bell is stirring things up with the release of a line of all-new frozen blended drink innovations. On December 12, the iconic chain announced it would test Coffee Chillers in a select location in Southern California while supplies last. Inspired by authentic Mexican flavors, Coffee Chillers are fun and festive all-day pick-me-ups with swirls packed with flavor. 

"We're always pushing the boundaries to deliver bold and craveable Mexican-inspired flavors our fans have come to expect from us, and these frozen drinks showcase how far our innovation goes," Taco Bell U.S. Chief Marketing Officer Taylor Montgomery said in a company press release.

The blended Coffee Chillers are the first-ever frozen coffee drinks to hit the Taco Bell menu, giving Bell Heads something sweet to sip on while enjoying their favorite cheesy, spicy, crunchy cravings. We had the chance to start our morning with Coffee Chillers — in all three exciting flavors. Read on to discover what we thought of the new frozen drinks and if they're worth adding to your weekly beverage line-up.

What's in Taco Bell's Coffee Chillers?

Taco Bell's new Coffee Chillers feature blended iced coffee swirled with one of three different flavors on the inside and topped with a layer of sweet cold foam. SoCal Bell Heads will have the chance to try the new Coffee Chillers in three fantastic flavors: Mexican Chocolate, Caramel Churro, and Spiced Vanilla. Each is available in a 16-ounce cup.

Because these new coffee drinks are being sold at only one location and only for a limited time, there is no nutrition information accessible to tell us how much sugar or how many calories these beverages contain. That would come later if these drinks get selected for a nationwide release.

And if your head is spinning from the thought of these three different Coffee Chillers, you'll be glad to know that there's only one price, no matter which flavor you order. Any of the Mexican-inspired blended Coffee Chillers from Taco Bell will be available for $4.19 for a limited time while supplies last.

When are Coffee Chillers available and for how long?

Starting December 15, Taco Bell will offer Coffee Chillers as part of a test at one location in Southern California. Coffee Chillers will be available all day at 27770 Santa Margarita Parkway in Mission Viejo. If you're in SoCal and want to try Taco Bell's latest beverage release, stop at, drive through, or order delivery from the participating store so you don't miss out on being a part of Taco Bell's first-ever frozen coffee test.

The new cold, blended Coffee Chillers will only be around for a limited time, so once supplies sell out, you'll be out of luck. That is unless the test proves so successful that Taco Bell execs decide to put Coffee Chillers on the permanent menu or test them outside of the SoCal area. If you're a Taco Bell "Happier Hour" fanatic, you know that the chain's $1 beverages are a huge draw. Sadly, the new Coffee Chillers are excluded from Taco Bell's happy hour promotion.

How do the Coffee Chillers compare to other Taco Bell items?

Taco Bell is well-known for regularly launching and testing new menu items, like the Cheesy Street Chalupa offered in October at select Indianapolis locations. 

According to a statement about the new drinks from U.S. Chief Marketing Officer Taylor Montgomery in a company press release, "We are constantly listening to what our fans are craving next, and we are thrilled to offer them a frozen creation that's just as delicious and desirable as their favorite menu item."

The new Coffee Chillers join four other coffee items currently on the restaurant's beverage menu: premium coffee and Cinnabon Delights coffee, which are available in both hot and iced versions. With the test release of Coffee Chillers, the company is expanding both its blended drink offerings and caffeinated beverage options. Curious about the caffeine levels of Coffee Chillers? They contain roughly 75 milligrams to 80 milligrams of caffeine, which is just about equal to one cup of coffee.

How do the Coffee Chillers taste?

We must admit that we expected the Coffee Chillers to be excessively sweet and undrinkable. To our surprise, these frozen caffeinated beverages were the perfect level of sweetness for an enjoyable drink.

We started the morning in Mission Viejo, where the Coffee Chillers were being offered for a limited time. The consistency of the frozen iced coffee was how we liked it: creamy and thick with minuscule bits of blended ice. The top layer of airy foam was a perfect contrast to the hefty coffee below. The three flavors offered were all distinct and unique. Mexican Chocolate had a nice chocolate flavor that wasn't overpowering and was reminiscent of Hershey's chocolate syrup. Since the name is "Mexican Chocolate," we expected more cinnamon or chili taste; we caught a hint of cinnamon but yearned for a bit more. Our least favorite was the Spiced Vanilla. It wasn't bad by any means, just plain. The vanilla flavor could have been more pronounced and tastier. The Caramel Churro had a delicious caramel flavor. It was hands-down our favorite.

We really like the new Coffee Chillers from Taco Bell. They can be enjoyed as a drinkable breakfast, an afternoon caffeine hit, or a sweet ending to your Taco Bell meal. Our verdict? Taco Bell's new Coffee Chillers deserve a spot in your beverage line-up if they pass the test and become more widely available.