Skip The Dough And Make Simple Marshmallow Cookies

If dealing with cookie dough is not your forte, it may surprise you to know that marshmallows can help. Trading out your cookie dough for marshmallows simplifies your process and can still serve up a dessert cute enough to impress your guests. When marshmallows are baked over a long time, they become light, airy, and crisp, almost like a meringue-textured cookie.

The process is easy. Since you are not making dough, you save yourself the hassle of measuring and mixing ingredients. You simply put regular-sized marshmallows on a greased or parchment-lined baking sheet. They will puff up and expand while baking, so you should arrange them at least an inch apart and bake them on the middle rack so they are far enough away from the upper oven coils to avoid toasting the tops of your cookies.

Marshmallows are easier to work with than dough, but they do take a little more time to develop. So you'll want to bake them at a lower temperature than you're probably used to (around 250 degrees Fahrenheit instead of the more standard 350 degrees for dough-based cookies). The nice thing about baking with marshmallows is you can still decorate your cookies — just pull them out of the oven after about 15 minutes and add some toppings. They will quickly cool though, so act fast. You'll want your toppings pressed in before the marshmallow settles. Pop the cookies back in the oven for another 40 to 45 minutes, and let them cool.

Turning marshmallows into cookies is simple to do

Knowing how easy it is to turn marshmallows into an eye-catching dessert, you may decide you would like to elevate your marshmallow cookie game. No problem. While you can simply use regular-sized marshmallows to make a standard-sized cookie, you can also choose to put three miniature marshmallows together so that they meld into a cookie as they bake. You can also take a page from TikTok user @yokoskitchen, who got creative with reshaping the actual marshmallows before baking.


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The user cut their marshmallows into flowers by making multiple cuts, stopping halfway down each time. They fan out the marshmallow into a four-petaled flower (note that fanned-out marshmallows, like the flower design, will need to be baked at a lower temp of 225 degrees Fahrenheit). 

Keep in mind that while you can use toppings as simple as chocolate and nuts, you don't have to limit yourself. Since you're already baking an unconventional cookie, feel free to roll out some unconventional toppings! Everything from dried fruit to Oreo cookie chunks will do the trick, so long as you press them into the warm marshmallow before it cools. The creative options to give your marshmallow cookies a bit of glitz are endless. The best part? No dough is needed.