Whatever Happened To Dave's NOT Chicken?

Dave's Hot Chicken, the Nashville-style hot chicken chain that has taken the world by storm in recent years, hopes to further expand its following by offering some new meatless menu items for a limited time. Rolled out at select locations last year, the line of vegetarian options, cleverly named Dave's NOT Chicken, includes Dave's Hot Chicken Cauliflower Sliders and Bites, making Dave's the first fast-casual restaurant chain to add a cauliflower sandwich to its menu, according to information shared with Mashed.

Crafted from a head of cauliflower that has been hand-sliced into the shape of tenders or nuggets, seasoned in the brand's signature spice blend, and fried, the Cauliflower Sliders, much like the restaurant's signature chicken sliders, are served on a potato bun and dressed with kale slaw, pickles and a healthy smear of Dave's special sauce. The Cauliflower Bites, the chain's take on meatless nuggets, come six per order, with a slice of bread and a side of Dave's special sauce. The Cauliflower Sliders and Bites are available in Dave's seven signature spice levels, ranging from No Spice to Reaper level, the latter of which requires a signed waiver to enjoy.

Vegetables are so hot right now

Speaking about the cauliflower-based options, the first new items to be added to the menu since the restaurant's opening in 2017, Bill Phelps, Dave's Hot Chicken's CEO, says the meatless menu items were a long-time coming. "For years, our fans have been asking us to make a meatless option that has all the flavor, crunch, and spice of our Hot Chicken," Phelps said in a press release. "After spending weeks in the test kitchen, testing countless different products, just like the founders did back in the parking lot pop-up days, we've created a meat alternative that's so tasty, even our most dedicated Hot Chicken loyalists will want to try it."

To build some hype around the new vegetarian items on offer, several Dave's Hot Chicken restaurants (including locations in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and several scattered throughout California)  updated their exterior signage to include "Dave's NOT Chicken" and an Instagram-worthy background, perfect for fan photo ops. 

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Dave's Not Chicken supporters can snap a picture in front of the iconic eye-catching billboard near the Moxy Hotel, which currently features a spectacular, spinning, 3D display of the new Cauliflower sliders and bites. Because Dave's will only have the new vegetarian options on the menu for a limited time, you might want to get to a location near you before the cluck — ahem  we mean clock, runs out!