Aldi's 7-Layer Dip Flatbread Conveniently Combines Party Food Staples

When it comes to parties, two foods are consistently a hit. The combo of chips and dips is the first classic — this appetizer keeps people lingering around the kitchen as they fill themselves up before the main course. The main course of a party is often pizza, which can please and feed large numbers. It just so happens Aldi has a product that combines the concepts of these two party foods in the form of seven-layer dip toppings on a flatbread pizza base.

Aldi's fans have a sharp eye for new or fascinating products on the shelves, and this one didn't go unnoticed for long. This flatbread, which you can find in the frozen section, sounds just like the sort of thing people would eat at a party. It bakes in 13 to 15 minutes, giving you just enough time to scrap together a few more appetizers to impress your guests or give the house a quick clean before guests arrive. With four servings per container, according to the flatbread's box, a couple of these pizzas could be enough for a main course depending on your party size, or one pizza sliced thinly can make for a fun appetizer. A box of this flatbread goes for around $6.99, though the price may vary by location.

What's in Aldi's 7-layer dip flatbread?

The Mexican-inspired flavors and ingredients of a seven-layer dip may not be the typical flatbread accompaniment, but Aldi's seven-layer dip flatbread may make this combination work. A seven-layer dip recipe is easy to throw together. It is so flavorful thanks to the various ingredients it joins, like refried beans, sour cream, and guacamole. It reminds us of a deconstructed burrito, but don't underestimate its power to top off flatbread. The version you can find on the Aldi flatbread features taco-seasoned cream cheese, black beans, black olives, tomatoes, onions, jalapeño peppers, and shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Just enough pizza topping crossover (from the tomato, black olives, and mozzarella) makes this seven-layer dip a natural fit for a pizza topping. Aldi fans on Instagram who have already gotten their hands on this product seem to like the combination. One person said, "It was a hit" for their New Year's Eve meal and another commented, "It was very good [...] tastes just like it says."