12 Best Steakhouses In Texas, According To Yelp

They say everything's bigger in Texas, and when it comes to steaks, that couldn't be more true. Having said that, we aren't all that into frequenting popular chain-style steakhouses when visiting the Lone Star state because, after all, Texas has to have a handful of amazing steakhouse restaurants out there that can offer something way better than a national chain restaurant could, right?

Right! We went searching and are happy to report that we've found at least 12 amazing steakhouses for you to try the next time you're in Texas. Pulled from all over the state, we consulted Yelp users to narrow down some of the most popular, reliable, and incredible tasting options to ensure you get your money's worth the next time you go huntin' for good eats in this much-loved southern steak.

So, go ahead and get comfy. We're getting ready to lasso up some of the best steakhouses in Texas, according to Yelp.

1. Cattleman's Steakhouse

Cattleman's Steakhouse in Fabens is a well-known restaurant offering customers delicious steak fare on a working ranch. According to one longtime employee, many of the chefs there are well-versed in the company's cooking methods and have likely been there for 10-15 years. Even so, the top-secret seasoning used on the steaks here is known only to about 3-4 of the 150 employees.

While all of that sounds pretty darn impressive, we had to wonder what the average layperson has to say about the joint. After all, it's easy to talk up the establishment in which you work, but what about the average customer? According to Yelp reviewers, this unassuming venue is out in the middle of nowhere but features a packed parking lot, a zoo, and even a museum. Delicious steaks, amazing potato salad, and huge portions are among what customers love most about this place. We couldn't help but notice people going on and on about the scenery, atmosphere, and overall outdoor environment -– one even claims you may find the restaurant feeding coyotes by the window.

With these rave reviews, it's not hard to see how Cattleman's Steakhouse made our list of some of the best steakhouses in Texas. We've reviewed the menu ourselves and can attest that there's plenty of variety for your choosing outside of the steak, including seafood, appetizers, BBQ, chicken, and a very hefty dessert menu. Impressive!

2. T-Bone Tom's

Featured on Diners, Drive-in, and Dives in 2009, T-Bone Tom's in Kemah is best known for dishing up fun and filling casual steaks. This dining establishment features live music, a festive atmosphere, and, of course, your choice of plenty of delicious cuts of steak. The handmade sausages and fried jalapeno poppers (a.k.a. Armadillo Eggs) are always a delicious pick as well — at least, according to Guy Fieri.

Yelp agrees. T-Bone Tom's is very much worth the visit. People rant over the service here, its exceptional value, and the utter decadence of the food they offer. "Tom's Choice," a marinated 14-ounce ribeye, seems to be a top pick here as people on Yelp and Guy Fieri go ga-ga over the flavor. Remember those "Armadillo Egg" jalapeno poppers we mentioned earlier? Review after review claims these as one of the best-tasting foods on the menu.

Yes, T-Bone Tom's is known as a steakhouse, but honestly, it's much more. The menu is packed with exciting options for BBQ, gumbo, wings, burgers, pork chops, chicken, and tons of side dish options. The establishment also runs daily lunch and dinner specials and even offers six mouthwatering dessert options. If you're in the Kemah area and are looking for an above-average yet casual steakhouse to dine, T-Bone Tom's is one of the best.

3. B&B Butcher's

Looking for something a little more swanky than the previously featured steakhouse venues? If so, you may want to look into dining at B&B Butchers in Houston. This place has received a ton of 5-star reviews on Yelp, with happily satisfied customers gushing over how delicious the food was. The Brussels sprouts, mac and cheese, and, of course, the steaks seem to go above and beyond for people who have visited this beloved eatery.

If there's any downside to this restaurant, it'd probably be that the prices are a bit higher than others on this list, but even at that, customers don't seem to mind. Most mention that the pricing is as expected, and others claim that the pricing is "worth it," suggesting that the food and service are good enough to make up for what it costs to dine there.

One thing we think is really great about B&B Butcher's is its impressive breakfast selection. Though there aren't many Yelp reviews attesting to the awesomeness of flavor when it comes to the restaurant's early morning fare, the menu itself suggests you won't be disappointed. Choose from breakfast selections, including the smoked sausage stuffed Hill Country Omelette, the Wagyu beef Steak and Eggs, the Salmon Benedict, and even Chicken and Waffles. Yes, please.

4. Perini Ranch Steakhouse

Once a hay barn, Perini Ranch, located in Buffalo Gap, is now a popular steakhouse offering customers delicious food fare deemed by the company as "real" Texas fare. Yelp reviewers attest that this place is wonderful and a real treat for those who like mesquite and peppery flavors, enhancing your steaks. The Prime Rib and the Peppered Strip both feature peppery components in the most delectable ways and are set off by mesquite flavors that take the beef up and over the top.

Still, it isn't only the steaks that seem to wow Yelp Perini Ranch Steakhouse guests but its offerings outside of typical beefy cuisine as well. Sample the strawberry shortcake featuring a fruity yet not-too-sweet strawberry sauce or a few of the restaurant's salads, with the Traditional Ranch Salad seeming to be among the favorites.

Hungry yet? Know that when dining at Perini Ranch, things may get expensive despite this being a casual, non-fancy type joint. One person claims to have spent $100 per head, but for food this good, it's worth the expense. Still, we can't quite put our finger on exactly how much this restaurant charges as Perini's shies away from posting prices online. Either way, we gotta recommend you try Perini Ranch Steakhouse the next time you're in the Abilene area; it's too good to miss.

5. Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse

Deemed by Jim O'Connor of Food Network as one of the nation's best steakhouses, Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse has been serving up high-quality and satisfying dishes for quite some time. This dining establishment prides itself on true Southern hospitality and considers itself "authentic" in every way. They even boast of serving up plenty of wild game options for adventurous and curious diners, including venison, quail, antelope, and more.

Yelp customers have seemingly tried everything from the venison rollups to the Buffalo mignon. Everything is proclaimed to be amazing despite its exciting and unique take on traditional steakhouse meats. Even desserts like cheesecake are hailed supreme, and guests of the establishment deeply appreciate the knowledge of the staff and the charmingly authentic Texas western decor.

Glancing over the dinner menu ourselves, we noted that while prices aren't cheap, they aren't the most expensive we've seen either. Depending on what you get, there are quite a few entrees in the $30-40 range, including beef choices like steak, ranging from $50-60 and above. No, it isn't a place where you can be stingy with your dollar, but given Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse's reputation for yummy dinner selections, we think it's a Texas steakhouse you'll thoroughly enjoy.

6. Taste of Texas

Taste of Texas in Houston has several charming and unique qualities that keep customers coming back for more. According to one Yelp review, the restaurant pays close attention to details, keeping glasses full and fresh folded napkins replenished. On top of that, the restaurant has a mean dessert game, with Snickers Pie And Homemade Cheesecake among the most adored. As for the steaks, the company claims to have well-marbled meats that yield a juicy and flavorful effect. Yelp reviewers agree that the steaks are loaded with flavor, with one reviewer gushing about her ribeye being the best she's ever eaten. Oh, and the garlic mashed potatoes? Perfection, says most.

With all of this information in mind, note that this restaurant is a bit more expensive and also may feature gnarly wait times. One Yelp customer claims she and her company waited around an hour and a half before they were finally seated, but the food was so tasty that it didn't bother her at the end of the day. Guess it just goes to show that great food and good service pay off in the end -– even if you have to exercise a little patience beforehand.

7. Vince Young Steakhouse

This swanky venue is found nestled in Austin, and, according to locals, its service cannot be beaten. People love the restaurant for its notable filet and ribeye, but what seems to be the star of the show is its enticing mashed potatoes. Beyond this, customers are making comments about the chicken, saying it's deliciously crisp and a surprisingly tasty option to pair with the rest of the company's yummy side dishes.

In all the excitement, we will say we found a number of negative reviews, though most weren't because of the food itself. Complaints about parking and not being open at the said time were mentioned, with maybe one customer complaining about the broccolini. Hey, you win some and lose some, right? Oh, and before we forget, don't neglect to check out some of Vince Young's tantalizing dessert options. Picks like chocolate cake and vanilla creme brulee can help top off your meal in just the right way before heading home happy and stuffed.

Worried about pricing? We think Vince Young features a price range on most items for what you'd expect from a ritzier restaurant like this. It isn't incredibly cheap, so visiting for special occasions or a fun night out on the town would make this steakhouse an awesome choice. And just so you know, some Yelp reviewers have made special mention of the University of Texas memorabilia displayed here –- so if you're a fan, this restaurant might just be the destination for you!

8. Culpepper Cattle Company

If you're in the mood for comfort food or Tex-Mex for supper, then Culpepper Cattle Company in Rockwall is worth checking out. The company boasts scrumptious steaks, yummy fajitas, homemade tortillas, and more. Fried green tomatoes and Culpepper Queso also make an appearance on this adventurous menu, along with other Tex-Mex-inspired grabs detailed in almost every food category.

Here specifically for the beef? No problem. Choose from a selection of sirloin, ribeye, filet, and porterhouse steak options. Other selections like the chopped prime steak and the country-fried steak would also make excellent choices. The pricing is affordable, too!

We would like to note that while most Yelp users love this place, some reviews tell a different story. Apparently, there have been quite a few changes to the menu over the years, and this has left some customers disappointed. Even so, most patrons agree that this restaurant is worth the stop, and certain food items, like the Cowboy mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and even the pancakes from the brunch menu, deserve special recognition. Thus, we think this steakhouse is a great place to stop if you're in the Rockwall area.

9. Crossroads Saloon & Steakhouse

Love music, authentic food, and a clean atmosphere? Thought so. Crossroads Saloon & Steakhouse in Fredericksburg is everything you'd want in a steakhouse and more. People flock to this spot not only because the food is great but because the experience is amazing. The company prides itself on being a traditional steakhouse with a "modern twist," and Yelp fans couldn't agree more. People concur that the restaurant's specialty is serving up tasty food fare with amazing music featuring old '80s tunes up to today's modern hits. The restaurant remains impeccably clean and comfortable, and the same even carries true for the bathroom!

As far as the steak goes, most people have been pretty pleased with their experiences concerning the beef and side dishes. The Brussels sprouts have received an honorable mention from some Yelp users, and others proclaim the steaks as pretty darn good. Still, there are a few complaints about the overcooked steak here and there, so be sure to keep that in mind as you dine in. All in all, this is said to be a "cool" location for those of you who wish to keep it casual, unwind, and have a good time.

Though Crossroads is great, be sure to pay attention to its hours. This popular establishment isn't open on Mondays and Tuesdays (as of the time of publication). It has several different closing times, all of which differ between the actual restaurant and the saloon.

10. Steiner Ranch

If you're in the Austin area and are in need of a stellar fine dining experience, Steiner Ranch might be a good pick. Nestled amongst breathtaking views of Lake Travis, feel free to enjoy live music outdoors, yummy appetizers, stunning entrees, and satisfying desserts. Glancing at the menu ourselves, we immediately noticed the variety available to guests. Though a steakhouse, this restaurant features a flourishing menu, with selections that include a sundry number of non-beef options, including shrimp, salmon, ribs, quail, and more. There's also a pretty impressive soup and salad menu, with at least seven options to choose from.

Even those who don't love Steiner Ranch (who are few and far between, by the way) can at least admit that the steaks are cooked perfectly, something we love to hear when it comes to a proper steakhouse. People also attest that the service here is fantastic. One patron on Yelp told a story about how one of the waitstaff accidentally dropped ketchup on a guest's white pants and offered to pay for his dry cleaning and even for a new pair of trousers, which we think is quite thoughtful. They even brought the man a free dessert! Thus, if you're looking for genuinely kind service paired with delicious steaks and a variety of non-steak options, Steiner Ranch ought to satisfy your needs!

11. Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

If you're coming to Pappas Bros. Steakhouse to be wowed by the grandeur of a long and extensive steakhouse menu, you may find yourself disappointed. No, the menu isn't as long and flourishing as many of the others we've seen, but what this simple menu may lack in terms of non-steak variety is made up for with impeccable quality, amazing flavor, and awesome service.

According to Yelp, the filet mignon is outstanding, and the mushroom side dish is nothing short of incredible. The restaurant itself is noted as a classic steakhouse restaurant with a beautiful ambiance. Au gratin potatoes are another highlight of the menu, and though the seafood and chicken options are somewhat limited, you still have the opportunity to sample lobster, salmon, and lamb chops if you aren't much into steak.

When it comes to pricing, we can't really give you a ballpark answer on how much your meal may cost compared to some of the others because Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is a little shy about revealing exactly how much each entree is going for. Nevertheless, given its swanky atmosphere, we'd say to go in expecting premium pricing for premium food -– this makes it the perfect Texas-based hot spot for special occasions or hosting high-end events.

12. Doris Metropolitan

What's better than a steakhouse that dishes up awesome steaks? A steakhouse that dishes up awesome steaks and incredible sides! We know what you're thinking -– side dishes have likely never inspired you to go and try out any particular steakhouse restaurant in the past, so why would they now? We totally understand. Still, if you think about it, a well-cooked steak can be taken up and over the top when accompanied by something fantastic, and that's exactly what you get at Doris Metropolitan Steakhouse in Houston.

Several Doris Metropolitan guests have taken to Yelp to rave over how delicious the USDA Prime steaks and sides are, and these proclamations had us intrigued. Though we were expecting to see a menu sprawling with side dish options, we took note of about seven offerings instead. Choose between options like carrots, grilled asparagus, greens, root puree, and more. The description of each side helps explain what all the fuss is about; each one is prepared in a special way using unique ingredients that work well to satisfy guests and leave them hungry for more.

In addition to savory steak and sides comes the next much talked-about aspect of dinner at Doris', and that's the bread. People go on and on about the bread platter here, claiming that it's to die for. Needless to say, Doris Metropolitan has a lot more to offer guests than just satisfying steaks; stop in for an all-around fantastic dinner experience you aren't likely to forget.


In order to create this list of best Texas-based steakhouse restaurants, we consulted the opinions of locals, tourists, and Yelp reviewers to help us draw conclusions as to which steakhouse eateries were actually worth your time. In addition, we combed through each menu, ensuring the information was accurate and up to date, and provided you with an eagle-eye view of what you can expect from each venue. Enjoy!