Starbucks Drinks You'll Sadly Never Find On A US Menu

Each and every Starbucks fan (and since you're here, that probably includes you) has their go-to favorites — probably for normal, everyday coffee drinking, and for each and every holiday season, too. Whether it's on the standard menu or the not-so-secret "secret menu," chances are good that even if you promise yourself you're going to get something new this time, you often end up falling back on the same old thing.

But here's the thing — if you're traveling abroad, they might not have those tried-and-true favorites. What they might have instead is something completely different... and sometimes, things that are a bit bizarre. How bizarre? It's safe to say that there's even something special for the avocado-loving millennials out there.

Perhaps the coolest thing about Starbucks' huge international menu is that you can order some of these drinks while you're still in the good ol' US of A. So grab a suitcase, and let's go international.

Mr. and Mrs. Vampire Frappuccinos

If you had happened to head to a Starbucks in Norway, Sweden, Singapore, or the UK in October 2017, you would have found a very, very cool pair of drinks on the menu. They were called the Mr. and Mrs. Vampire Frappuccinos, and even though they were a limited time offering, they're worth mentioning for three reasons: They're super cool, everyone loves vampires, and according to Hello Giggles and Cosmopolitan, you can order them in the US... if you know what to ask for.

For the Mister, order a Chocolate Cream Frappuccino, then ask for a bit of whipped cream and a layer of mocha on the bottom of the cup. Add a swirl of strawberry puree, then top with whipped cream. (Officially, there was also a chocolate cereal sprinkle on top, but if you're recreating this one, you'll likely have to do without that.)

The Missus is very similar, and starts with a Vanilla Bean Creme Frappuccino. Add the same whipped cream and mocha at the bottom, and the same strawberry swirl and whipped cream on top. 

It doesn't matter what time of year it is, you just can't go wrong with that combination, can you?

Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino

Let's dive right into super-weird territory with one of Hong Kong's offerings.

In 2014, Starbucks Hong Kong brought back their Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino, and came out with a Red Bean Green Tea Muffin to go along with it. And yes, it's 100 percent what you think it is: a green tea Frappuccino (which is delicious), topped with red beans. Strange to a Western palate, sure, and they might look a little like kidney beans, but according to Brand Eating, they're a sweetened bean that's a popular dessert across Asia. Taste says the red bean paste — which is actually adzuki beans that have been boiled in sugar — are used in dessert shops and bakeries for a wide range of dishes, from cake fillings to topping shaved ice.

Feeling like you want to give this one a try? You can, with a little work. You can usually find red bean paste at Asian import shops, and if you order a Matcha Green Tea Creme Frappuccino and then fill the top inch or so of your cup with bean paste, you're about there.

Maple Macchiato

Oh, Canada. You're as well-known for your maple syrup as you are for hockey and friendliness, so it's only right that your Starbucks shops carry a Maple Macchiato.

According to Starbucks Canada, they welcomed the new drink in March 2014, and it was basically a standard sort of macchiato with a drizzle of real Canadian maple syrup — sourced from the Beauce-Appalache region of Quebec — on the top. If you love maple flavors, it sounds absolutely delicious. Foodology gave it a try, and says that staff recommended they go half sweet, suggesting the syrup adds a fair amount of sugariness into the mix. They also noted there was both a hot and a cold option.

Technically, if you'd like to give this one a try, you can — with a little outside help. Go for a standard caramel macchiato, and take off the caramel drizzle. Replace it with your own maple syrup, and there you go. There's a little added bonus to this one, too. Since maple syrup is so dense, it'll sink through your drink faster than the caramel does, and you'll get more of that oh-so-sweet flavor throughout your entire coffee. Will you start keeping some maple syrup in your car? Maybe.

Lucuma Creme Frappuccino

This is one you're probably not going to be able to recreate, unfortunately, unless you have access to some exotic South American fruit.

The Lucuma Creme Frappuccino was a special summertime offering carried only by stores in Peru. Starbucks says the fruit — an important part of Peruvian life since ancient times — is native to the Andes, and has earned itself the nickname "Oro de los Incas," which translates to "Gold of the Incas." Lucuma Designs adds that the color of the fruit's flesh has been so likened to the color of sunshine that the distinctive yellow-orange color (the same color as the Frappuccino) is also called lucuma.

So, what's it taste like? It's described as having a tangy, custardy flavor, and brings to mind some sort of delicious creamsicle. Jealous? Absolutely. Because it is, by all accounts, a pretty perfect drink for any hot summer afternoon. What, exactly, do we all need to do in order to get this to Starbucks outside of Peru? We're not sure, but count us in.

Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

Dear Starbucks: We need to talk, and we need to talk about texture. Texture can be a make or break when it comes to a lot of food. And drinks? It can be a make or break there, too, and that's what makes the Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino found in countries like Japan, Ireland, and the UK so weird.

If you've ever had bubble tea, you're sort of on the right track with this one. At the bottom of the drink are cubes of coffee-flavored jelly. (Think coffee Jell-O.) Then, add your standard coffee-flavored Frappuccino goodness, top with whipped cream, and add a caramel drizzle.

Good, or weird? That's up to you to decide, because you can recreate this one with a little work at home. It's the jelly that's the unusual part, after all, and Epicurious says you can make your own with powdered gelatin, coffee, and sugar. So, if you really, really want to try this one, you can — it'll just take some creativity in your own kitchen to pull off. Who knows, it might be worth it?

Banana Split Mocha Frappuccino

If you're a connoisseur of Starbucks' so-called "secret menu," you might be familiar with the Banana Split Frappuccino. Those based in the US can make one by ordering a strawberry Frappuccino, then adding vanilla bean powder, java chips, and a whole banana, then topping the whole thing with whipped cream and both caramel and mocha drizzle. Sounds delicious, sure, but healthy? Not so much.

But still, sometimes you just need something special to get you through the day. If you were in Asia, there's a good chance you would be able to order a different sort of Banana Split Frappuccino... and you might just get some ideas on switching up your secret menu order stateside.

Brand Eating says the official Asian version is essentially a Mocha Frappuccino blended with banana puree, all sitting on top of a layer of strawberry whipped cream. Then, there's vanilla whipped cream on top, along with a chocolate drizzle and pieces of a waffle cone. Which is better? Who's to say. But you can definitely order something super similar in the states, so why not give that a try?

Floral Tea Lattes

There are a couple of tea lattes on Starbucks' US menus, like the Royal English Breakfast Tea Latte. It's essentially liquid sugar-sweetened black leaf tea with steamed milk, and they're a pretty neat way to switch up your tea. But given that countries outside of the States tend to favor tea a little more, it's not entirely surprising that there are different tea lattes on the menu that just haven't made it to America.

In 2018, Starbucks announced they were going to be adding more tea lattes to the menu in Canada, including the light and delicious Teavana Blossoming Rose Tea Latte, complete with a sprinkling of pink rose and hibiscus crystals.

The European market got something a little different but equally floral, with a Teavana Red Apple Rooibos Tea Latte. That got its apple flavor from red apple syrup and a sprinkling of freeze-dried apples on top, and seriously — how perfect does that sound for a springtime or autumn afternoon?

Matcha and Espresso Fusion

For anyone who loves tea as much as they love coffee and sometimes has a hard time choosing between the two, this Starbucks menu item in Singapore is about to make you very, very jealous. The beverage, which is served hot or cold, consists of a layer of matcha green tea powder and milk on the bottom, with espresso layered on the top. The iced version is particularly Instagrammable, if you're into that sort of thing.

And while you can't order it in the US just by asking for it by name, you can recreate it with some very particular instructions to your favorite barista (and please, don't forget to tip). According to Starbucks' Secret Menu, it's a little tricky to make: Ideally, the layers should all be kept separate, and in order to do that, there's a very specific order it needs to be made. First is the matcha powder, along with enough water to dissolve. Then, add ice, followed by whatever milk you choose. Then, put the espresso shots on top, and you'll have a funky, layered, super-cool looking coffee-and-tea fusion drink. Pretty brilliant, right?

Pistachio Bon Bon Frappuccino

There's good news for anyone who loves pistachios: They're good for you, and they're actually on our list of nuts you should be eating. They pack a powerful nutritional punch, have been linked to weight management, and they have a positive impact on cholesterol and blood glucose levels. And, they make a great Frappuccino... if you happened to be in Singapore or the Philippines when the Pistachio Bon Bon Frappuccino graced menus.

Think pistachio ice cream in Frappuccino form. It's a blend of ground pistachios, milk, and ice that's poured into a cup drizzled with mocha sauce. Then, it's topped with whipped cream, another drizzle of mocha, and sprinkled with pieces of waffle cone and more pistachios. 

While this isn't one you're going to be able to recreate at a US location, it's a great idea to try at home — especially when you're looking for a mostly healthy but still tasty dessert you can make for a warm spring or summer evening. Make it for the pistachio fan in your family.

American Cherry Pie Frappuccino

Surely, there's nothing more American than apple and cherry pie — so Starbucks' American Cherry Pie Frappuccino should be available in the US, right? Not exactly — according to the Huffington Post, it debuted in Japan.

And that's a shame, because it sounds delicious. It's essentially a vanilla Frappuccino with bite-sized pieces of pie added, along with swirls and layers of cherry compote. Best of all, there's an entire pie crust dome that sits on top of the cup, and it's meant to be something of a recreation of the classic pie-eating experience... right down to how unhealthy it is.

Sadly, it's another one that can't be recreated in a US Starbucks, but the next time you're looking for something fun to try for a completely unique after-dinner treat, dig out your blender and some cherry pie filling for a fun take on a this international, American-inspired chilled treat.

Chocolate Black Tea with Earl Grey Jelly Frappuccino

Everything about this drink from Singapore and Hong Kong just sounds strange. Chocolate with tea. Black tea... with Earl Grey what?

This funky Frappuccino was one half of a pair of drinks that Starbucks announced as a "modern twist on familiar flavors," and also included a Chocolate Black Tea Latte. But it's the Frappuccino that's really strange.

It's a similar idea to both bubble tea and the Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino, only it's made with jelly bursting with that distinctive Earl Grey flavor. That's at the bottom of the cup, which is then filled with Chocolate Black Tea Frappuccino that's blended with java chips, and topped with vanilla whipped cream and an added sprinkle of chocolate black tea powder. But as strange as that combination sounds, it also sounds like it's entirely possible it might be a pretty perfect treat, especially on those days when you're looking for something that's not as overpoweringly sweet as many Frappuccinos tend to be.

Peach Blossom Green Tea Latte

In 2018, Starbucks welcomed in the Chinese New Year with a few new flavors: the Apricot White Chocolate Mocha, the Golden Walnut Cookie Latte, and the prettiest — the Teavana Peach Blossom Green Tea Latte. This wasn't the first time a Peach Blossom drink hit menus... a similar version made with black tea was first offered in 2008.

According to Brit+Co, the green tea beverage had just the right combination of creamy bitterness and sweetness. Made with matcha powder and steamed milk, then topped with peach-flavored chunks of sugary goodness and whipped cream, it's more than just a pretty drink — peach blossoms symbolize prosperity and romance in Chinese culture.

China isn't the only ones to have gotten this pretty, peachy drink. It's also shown up on menus in Canada, where it's made with Earl Grey tea and also featured during Chinese New Year. On the plus side, that means if you're near the Canadian border, you have a chance of heading over and getting this one right from the source.

Avocado Blended

The avocado craze hit epic highs, driven by not just a ton of health benefits but also a very cool color and a tendency to make incredibly Instagrammable meals. Also Instagrammable is Starbucks' Avocado Blended drink, which was so popular in Korea that it was brought back after a temporary hiatus. In spite of all that popularity, a representative from Starbucks told Metro that they had no plans to bring it to the US, and that's a shame... even though it's a little unclear just what the drink is, because even the description from Starbucks Korea is a little vague.

Those who have tried it report that it is super creamy and tastes a bit like an avocado and yogurt smoothie, with the addition of some frozen avocado chunks, though this latest version of the Avocado Blended is not the same drink Starbucks fans got the first time around when it was introduced in 2015. The remastered version includes a chocolate ball that's supposed to look like the pit of the avocado, and a dark green gel around the edge to resemble the peel — all the better for that perfect Instagram shot. 

Just why this one hasn't come to the States is pretty inexplicable, given the popularity of avocado, so maybe get in touch with your favorite barista and see if there's a chance.

Churro Frappuccino

Churros are a jaw-droppingly good dessert — delicious pieces of fried dough covered in cinnamon and sugar? That's just about perfect, right? Absolutely — so how incredible do you think a Churro Frappuccino would be?

They're available throughout Latin America, and it's a shame they haven't made their way north. According to Hello Giggles, those fortunate enough to have had the real thing say they taste exactly like churros in Frappuccino form, and that's amazing.  

Fortunately, this is one that you can recreate in the States. Just order a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, then add powdered cinnamon, white mocha syrup, and cinnamon dolce syrup. Finally, ask your barista to top it with whipped cream, more cinnamon, and a caramel drizzle. It might not be exactly the same as the ones that have people singing the praises of Starbucks, but it's close enough to give you a fix. At least until they decide to bring the real version to the US... and that's not too much to hope for, is it?

Ruby Red Grape Frappuccino

Take a really good look at the soda aisle in the grocery store or the ice cream cooler, and you'll realize just how many different flavors you can find. But there's one flavor that's not nearly as common as you might expect: grape. With the exception of grape soda, you're not going to be finding grape ice cream or the like. And that makes it that much sadder that Starbucks' Ruby Red Grape Frappuccino from Hong Kong and Malaysia hasn't made it to the US.

It's made from a combination of grape jelly and a ruby grape juice blend (billed as an "exciting non-dairy juice"), and topped with purple grape fruit foam to create a shockingly gorgeous drink. Best of all, there are no secret menu hacks needed.

As if that's not tantalizing enough, the grape Frappuccino was released alongside another overseas-only Frappuccino: the Apricot & Peach Yogurt Frappuccino. That one's piled high with white peach, jelly, blended yogurt, and apricot sauce, and honestly, it's a tough call as to which should make it stateside first.