Debra Kelly

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West Virginia University
World War II, Weird History, The Middle Ages, True Crime
  • Debra has been a professional writer for more than two decades.
  • She has been fortunate enough to have been able to experience living in a wide variety of locations and while immersed in just as many cultures, earning a deep respect for telling the individual stories that make up the whole of history.
  • She is in the process of writing her first book.


Debra's professional writing career started out in the newspaper industry, where she became an award-winning journalist known for her focus on community activism. After being fortunate enough to interview several World War II veterans on their experiences during the war, she turned her attention to historical research and uncovering the strange, bizarre, and often-overlooked stories of ordinary -- yet extraordinary -- individuals.


Debra has a degree in English from West Virginia University, with a focus on medieval literature and journalism. She has also completed extensive studies in history and archaeology.
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