The Muffin Tin Hack To Get The Best Tortilla Bowls

Who doesn't want a new and exciting way to eat tacos? Well, there's an easy option that minimizes mess, and all you need is a muffin tin. Simply grab some mini tortillas, flip that muffin tin upside down, and then you'll have mini tortilla bowls that give you tons of options for new go-to dinners or easy snacks.

Tortilla bowls can be a fun way to serve up a taco salad, and bowl-shaped taco shells are a mess-free and delicious way to make tacos. So, why not whip up some mini tortilla bowls in just seconds? We're, of course, used to using our muffin tins right-side up and filling each cup with ingredients. In this case, though, you can actually flip your muffin tin upside down and use the negative space in between each cup for your tortilla.

Find your favorite type of mini tortilla and simply press it in between the upside-down cups to form a bowl shape with four sections. You can then pop the upside-down muffin tin into the oven and bake the tortillas until they're slightly browned and firm enough to stand up like a bowl on their own. Now, you've got the base for tons of different taco bowl-based treats. If you'd prefer perfectly round cups sans separate sections, you can also create them by quartering tortillas and stuffing a piece down into each muffin cup in your tin.

How to make your mini taco bowls into many different meals

Your mini taco bowls can provide a base for so many different meals. Of course, serving them fresh out of the oven and warm is the best way to enjoy your tortilla bowls, but you can always make them ahead and store them for later. The most typical use for a taco bowl is a taco salad. These mini taco bowls can be great for smaller taco salads with all of your favorite ingredients. 

You can also treat your mini taco bowls like taco shells and fill them with your go-to taco fillings, like meat, cheese, sauces, and veggies. Another ideal way to use your mini taco bowls is for a quick twist on a breakfast taco. Scrambled eggs, melty cheese, and salsa are perfect fillings for taco bowls for a filling start to your day and some extra crunch. These also make for great appetizers thanks to their size, so you may consider whipping up a few next time you're heading to a dinner party or hosting guests.