The Number Of Hot Dogs Costco Sold In 2023

A trip to Costco almost always takes longer than you expect since you have to conduct a thorough search of all its latest bulk products and fresh produce. Costco's $1 hot dog has always been sold conveniently near the store's entrance to fuel shoppers on their long journey across the store. The chain prides itself on this tasty shopping incentive — and on the hot dog combo's famously low price, which has remained fixed at $1.50 ever since it was first offered in 1985.

Over the years, Costco's loyal customer base has helped it grow rather quickly, and the company regularly reports its ever-increasing success. It sells more hot dogs with each passing year as more members sign up and as new locations open worldwide. In 2022, the store sold a whopping 156 million hot dog and soda combos, only to one-up itself in 2023 by selling just shy of 200 million. According to The Seattle Times, Costco's Chief Executive Ron Vachris called 2023 "a very strong year."

Another popular item that saw a large increase in sales in 2023 was Costco's savory $5 rotisserie chicken, totaling around 137 million sold. With almost 900 stores and counting across the globe — with 31 locations projected to open in 2024 — these sales will likely only rise in the coming fiscal year.

Other menu options can't compete with Costco's hot dog

Although the famously cheap Costco hot dogs sold under the chain's Kirkland Signature brand remain the king of the food court, the store has introduced new menu options. These new items, like the chocolate chip cookie and pricey roast beef sandwich, have received mixed reviews on social media. In fact, some of the negative feedback on Costco's 2023 menu changes only makes the time-honored hot dog combo look even more enticing.

In January 2024, the famous food court replaced its sugar-topped churro with an ultra-thick double chocolate chip cookie that costs $1 more than its predecessor. While this menu choice is sparking plenty of negative reviews from disappointed members, the hot dog seems to remain the superior choice. When Costco announced that it discontinued its Polish hot dog back in 2018, the company claimed the decision was based on a lack in sales compared to the current all-beef hot dog.